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Essential Blogging Tips for a Successful Blogging Experience!

I have been blogging for more than five years now, and looking back at the basics of it, I found out that I haven't really posted some tips on how to make your blogging experience successful. Basically, to make a very successful blog or website, you'll need some essential blogging skills that will make your blog stand out in the crowd.

Back then, about five years ago or so, competition in blogging was never an issue. Only a few bloggers were religiously blogging about different stuffs. But in just a matter a span of 2 or 3 years, blogging became a hit to almost everybody (thanks to mainstream media!). Everyone seems doing their best to see if they can benefit from blogging or not. Internet has become readily available to almost everywhere. Find a coffee shop and you'll have wireless Internet access, or even just go to the mall, you'll get free wi-fi access too!

However, I always say to my colleagues, blogging really is for everyone, but not everyone will become successful unless they master the do's and don'ts and the this and that of blogging.

So, here I am once more giving you tips on how to become successful in blogging. The following are based on my experience as a blogger:

Tips on how to become successful in blogging

1. Plan your post. Blog posts are what your blog is all about. So, if you have a so-so blog posts, chances are, you might have few or worst, no visitors at all. Planning of blog posts to write benefits both the blogger and the blog.

2. Have a regular posting schedules. I know, I may not be the right person to say about this because I always experience occasional hiatus, but it always help that you have a regular post schedule. You may set a once a week post, or thrice a week posts depending on your personal or work schedules as well. People don't really like everyday posting because readers may feel that you are just spamming their emails or giving them too much information. Like they say, too much of something is bad for your health!

3. Content is still and always be the king. It doesn't matter if it is a lengthy post or a short one, as long as the blog post is worth the time of a reader or worth reading, blog readers will be coming back for more.

4. Learn keyword and SEO. I have discussed some SEO tips for beginners. You may check them out for further details.

5. Tweak your blog as often as possible. This is just one of my blogging guilty pleasures because I am never contented with the design of my blog. Believe it or not, I think I already changed the template and layout of this blog for more than 50 times already! Change is good, always remember that! Just make sure it is for the better.

6. Have a genre (niche) on your blog. This blog's niche is anything goes, but more focused on television shows (dramas), entertainment, and blogging. Enough said. Hahaha.

7. Read other blogs and make circle of blogging friends. Blogging friends support each other whenever someone experiences blogging problems. It took time for me to have blogging friends because I was so afraid of anyone finding my online identity back then. But that's another story. Hahaha.

8. Do leave a comment on other blogs. And make sure to leave your link. Chances are, people who will read your comment/s might click on your name and voila... instant visitor/s!

9. Communicate with your readers. Do answer comments on your blog. This will give you an identity that you are a kind of blogger that is easy to approach and a friendly one, too! =D

10. Promote your blog. Finally, the key to a successful blog is always the promotion part. Do attend offline events and make blogging cards if necessary. Offline blogging events usually comes with "shameless promotion" plugs. Face your fear of microphones and shamelessly promote your blog!

By following all of the tips above, you can guarantee a 100% success in blogging. Just always remember, success in blogging doesn't come overnight. It takes time to have lots of visitors everyday. With the right perseverance and determination to become successful, you can achieve a 100% return of blogging investment.

How about you? What are your strategies to become successful in blogging? Care to share?

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