Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How To Make Blogging More Enjoyable?

Okay, it seems like everybody's into this blogging thing nowadays. Blogs or web logs is simply an online journal of different things on any topics you could possibly think of — family, friends, personal journal, cars, technology, laughter, good trip, sex, etc. — believe me, when I say everything, it's everything!

There are people who maintain their blogsite/s (because sometimes, a person has two or more blogsites) regularly — everyday, thrice a week, monthly basis — while others find blogging amusing at first and then slowly, the interest fades away. But how can we bring back our interest in blogging? Here's how!

1) Have a workable layout. When I say workable, I mean a very interactive layout. You can always find interesting layouts over the world wide web that suites your interest. You just have to know the exact keywords to type on a search engine like google, in able for you to find what's your looking for. With a good layout, I know you'll find blogging a little bit more fun! Oh, and don't forget to acknowledge your template by putting a link at the end of the page so that if people find your layout attractive, they might visit the link that you provided!

2) Have a unique hits counter! Well, actually, this is not really necessary, but if you want to bring back the interest of blogging in you, you have to have a unique hits counter. In this way, you can find out if people really visit your site and it can help to inspire yourself back into blogging.

3) Have a tagboard or contact form. Tagboards and contact form let you communicate with your visitors. Sometimes, people find it hard to open a comment page. Tagboards and contact forms are the best alternative for this.

4) Make different blogtools your bestfriends!
Hehehe. Now, this is promotion! Feedburner keeps me track of what's happening on my blog. From incoming visitors, to outgoing links, to tracking different visitors, almost everything is on feedburner. Hehehe. Biased me. Try it and you'll now what I mean.

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