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What is RSS?

If you are a blogger or if you own a website, it is necessary for you to have feeds for your written contents. But what is an RSS (usually the orange button on most websites and blogs) and what benefits it can do to both blog owners and readers of blogs? Here's an in-depth layman's explanations of what an RSS really means and what it can do to help reading and browsing experience a lot easier.

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RSS redefined
RSS or rich site summary, is a simple full or summary text format of the contents of your favorite blogs or websites. It is a timely solution for people who regularly checks their favorite blogs if they have a new content. According to, an RSS "allows users to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually." With RSS, you don't have to visit any blogs or websites because everything that you need is located in one place (e.g., feed readers or e-mails).

Is the situation below familiar to you?

You found an blog that catches your interest to read because you have the same interest as the blog owner, say cooking different recipes from scratch. The blog contains different information about the things that you still don't know, and you find it interesting to follow that blog everyday. But the sad thing is, the blog has a lot of annoying pop-ups, banner advertisements, video embeds, pictures and other annoying non-related stuffs that's really making your page loading of that blog a lot more difficult. Sometimes it is just a waste of time finding out that there isn't anything new to find on that blog. What a reader like you have to do?

In the situation above, the simple solution is to SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG'S RSS FEED, where you don't have to wait for slow loading page of that blog. In this way, you really save time and you still have time to visit your other favorite blogs through their web feeds, too! It's like reading e-mails without the bloghopping. The only time you will visit that blog again is when you want to write a comment on the blog owner's post/s or watch an embeded video.

Types of RSS feeds
There are basically two types of RSS feeds, the RSS via an e-mail and the RSS through the use of a RSS reader websites. In this blog, I offer both because I really don't know what kind of users and readers my blog has.

RSS through e-mail. When you find some blog that says, SUBSCRIBE NOW TO MY FEEDS FOR UPDATES, don't worry much, because all of RSS feeds available on the net are for FREE! You don't have to pay anything! It's like receiving a community newsletter only through e-mail and the best part of it, it's FREE!

RSS through RSS readers. Now this is quite difficult to explain for new readers and users of blogs. To start with, I use google reader to update myself to my favorite blogs. Google reader ( uses google account that you have to create to log-in. Again, you don't have to worry because google reader is for FREE! Once you have done it, you may now register or type your favorite blog/s to read. Some feeds offer a full text of the written content of the blogs. Other blog owners prefer a summary of the their blog's feed because they are visitor hungry and only thinks of earning from their blogs or websites. This blog offers a FULL TEXT of my written contents. So, subscribing to my feeds is really an awesome experience. Hehehe... For the complete tutorials on how to use the google reader, you may want to watch the video below or continue reading for feed benefits:

The benefits of RSS
There are a lot of benefits of RSS to both readers/users and to blog owners, here are some of them:
• No more annoying banner advertisements, easier to load. What you need (written blog entries), is only what you read! (However, there are some feeds from blogs that have ads in it. Rest assured, when you SUBSCRIBE TO MY FEEDS, whether by e-mail or through a reader, you won't find any ads in it! I promise!)
• Saves time, effort and energy for blog readers.
• Increase popularity for blog owners.

And so, may I borrow the huge RSS icon experiment idea of Daniel Scocco, blog owner of, but of course, without the huge RSS icon... ahhahaha... believe me, that icon is really huge... hahahha... but instead, I will post my avatar RSS icon below and drop your e-mail box for FREE updates below this post! You can also see this icon avatar at the top right portion of this blog. Lets see how this can affect my RSS readers, so, please... do SUBSCRIBE TO MY FEEDS! Hehehehe... For ways on how to gain more RSS SUBSCRIBERS, you want to check out Daniel's post here. Thank you for reading and for visiting!

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