Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ilocos' native products: Ilocos Trip Souvenirs!

The last time I talked about Ilocos Sur, I mentioned about Calle Crisologo that can be found in Heritage Village in Ilocos Sur. This time, as promised, I will tell the things that you can buy in Ilocos. By the way, this post is also known Ilocos native products, because it will mention some of the native products that you can buy as souvenirs when you finally decided to go to Ilocos Sur as a one-of-a-kind vacation destination in the Philippines! Listed below are some of proudly Ilocano made products that are surely a big hit as souvenirs to local and foreign tourists!

Ilocanos are known for their craftsmanship and resourcefulness. They are also hard-working and are known thrifty in everything that they have because of their geographical location and colorful history. When we are talking about Ilocos Sur's history, it is very much present in all of their crafts and native products. Just take a look of the following products below that Ilocanos sell them for souvenirs.

• You can buy a lot of things as a souvenir such as sungkaan, back scratcher, bamboo mugs, some potteries, organic vinegar, hats, etc.

• Ilocanos' bibingka is very much different from the usual bibingka that can be bought every Christmas season. It is much stickier and a little bit sweet.

• You can find a lot of stores selling native bags made of rattan and other materials. So colorful, vibrant looking and made to last.

• What is the essence of your visit to Ilocos if you haven't tasted their one-of-a-kind delicacy — the chichacorn? It comes in different flavor, from adobo, to garlic, to barbeque, cheese, sweet and sour, etc. I actually bought all the flavors! Hahahha!

• Ilocos Sur's history can be visualized with the antique items that they are selling. Antique collectors out there, here are some of the antique items that can be seem at Calle Crisologo!

• There's this one shirt (up above) which I find very interesting as I was having my souvenir shopping. The above shirt was named by Sedricke, an emo shirt, for its simpleness and emo-ness look. Hahaha. Another t-shirt (above) was holland inspired. :))

• If you want more Ilocano native products, here's more! Colored brooms and fans, wooden carabao trays and other furnitures (muebles) are being sold in one of the stores in Calle Crisologo.

• Well... if the pictures above weren't enough, there's this one-stop shop where I think you can find everything that I mentioned. Hahahaha...! It's one great souvenir shop!

• Just a reminder, if you will want to go for a souvenir shopping at Calle Crisologo in Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur, the best time to shop is at 12 noon, where the heat of the sun is really at its best scorching hotness and there are no to less people touring and going around. And oh, before I forgot, all of the shop closes at exactly 6:00 PM for some reasons I still don't know yet, why or how! Yes, Ilocanos at Heritage Village don't have a night life! Hehehe...

Next time, I will feature Cafe Leona, the authentic Ilocano restaurant at the front of Heritage Village in Calle Crisologo and I think I might going to post a featured recipe that I replicate from one or maybe two of their dishes, so better stick around for that.

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  1. Ahh!! I wanted to go to Ilocos. I love antiques! =P

  2. @euri: hey... it's been a while! hehehhe... oh, yes! if you want to find good quality antiques, i think Ilocos Sur's Calle Crisologo in Heritage Village is the place to go to! the only problem i think you will encounter is how to take them back to Manila.. hehhhe... thanks for visiting! :D

  3. Ilocos blankets will be a nice gifts/pasalubong. They really last for a years.


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