Monday, June 2, 2008

Foreign Embassies in the Philippines

Foreign embassies are always a big help to citizens working or residing in a state (or country or a foreign land) because it protects in the interests of the sending State and of its nationals, within the limits permitted by international law; negotiating with the Government of the receiving State as directed by the sending State; ascertaining by lawful means conditions and developments in the receiving State, and reporting thereon to the Government of the sending State; promoting friendly relations between the sending State and the receiving State, and developing their economic, cultural and scientific relations. (Source.)

If you are a foreigner or a tourist trying to visit the Philippines in the future, it is nice to know that you know the whereabouts of your country's embassy in the Philippines. There are about 84 foreign embassies in the Philippines listed in a website directory residing their offices all over the Manila. Some of the most famous foreign embassies in the Philippines are the US Embassy, Australian Embassy, New Zealand Embassy, Belgium Embassy, European Union Embassy, China Embassy, Hongkong Embassy, Japan Embassy, Indonesia Embassy, Malaysia Embassy, Mexico Embassy, Singapore Embassy, Spain Embassy, Saudi Arabia Embassy, Taiwan Embassy, Thailand Embassy, Kuwait Embassy, United Arab Emirates Embassy, Korea Embassy and Vietnam Embassy. Whew!

Well, if you are looking for a list of foreign embassies in the Philippines, their office locations, websites, telephone numbers, office addresses and other contact information, I am sorry to tell you that you cannot find it here. However, I am providing you a link where you can access all of the said information mentioned above for your easy browsing experience here in TYC! Here's the said link for the list of foreign embassies in the Philippines:

Happy foreign embassies hunting!

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