Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 Signs You Are Addicted To "The Big Bang Theory"!

I have been watching the American Comedy TV Series "The Big Bang Theory" these past few months, and I must say, I am very much satisfied with what I am seeing on this very intelligent TV sitcom. These past few months of watching got me really hooked and I think I am getting addicted to this geeky series in the US, which by the way being shown on Philippine shores via Jack TV. I never had a chance to watch it on television, but I had watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory online for free.

For those who have not known or unfamiliar with this American TV series, The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, makers of the another hit American TV sitcom, "Two and a Half Men" (love it, too!).

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard and Rajesh

The Big Bang Theory show concerns two geeky physicists named Sheldon (theoretical physicist) and Leonard (experimental physicist) who live next door in an apartment to neighbor Penny, a waitress and a struggling actress who is not gifted with the same level of intelligence as the two. To complete the cast, two geeky friends of Sheldon and Leonard are also included namely, Howard (an engineer), and Rajesh (an astrophysicist). Together, they form the wacky and intelligent group of the American TV sitcom group cast members of The Big Bang Theory.

If you are a fan to this American sitcom just like me, you might can relate to these 20 signs that tell you are addicted to "The Big Bang Theory" American TV sitcom series that I made. If these signs are already manifested in your system, chances are, you are being addicted to the show! Let us see my so-called list, shall we... hehehhe:

• 20 Signs You Are Addicted to "The Big Bang Theory" TV sitcom | You know you are addicted to "The Big Bang Theory" when:

1. You are now a believer that being smart is the new sexy!

2. You knock three times on a door, followed by the name of the one you are looking for, and doing this thrice in a row!

3. You believe that KARMA is under Newton's 3rd Law of Motion where for "every action there is an equal but opposite reaction".

4. You have a favorite spot!

5. You suddenly becomes trivial on everything!

6. You have a solving board at home or in the office.

7. You always ask someone for his/her sarcasm sign.

8. You know the meaning of the word, "BAZINGA!"

9. You arranged your breakfast cereal according to their fiber content.

10. You practice selective muteness everytime there is a beautiful woman around.

11. You love colored turtle necks, knitted vests OR superhero shirts.

12. You ordered a cocktail concoction and told to the bar tender that the drink that you have ordered is a good example of a combination of liquids with different specific gravity!

13. You actually have a Halo night, a Thai food night, a Chinese food night and a comic book night!

14. You are trying to learn Chinese to confront a manager in a Chinese restaurant about a certain dish that you suspect of false use of ingredients.

15. You heat your cup of instant noodles in a 500-kilowatt oxygen iodine laser!

16. You enjoyed playing the three-dimensional chessboard game!

17. You have a new rule to the old Rock-Paper-Scissors game where you include Lizard and Spock of Star Trek where: scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and rock crushes scissors.

18. You know the kling-on language! whoa!

19. You try to hit a girl in a bar by saying that she can ride your machine on Mars!

20. You actually have a periodic table of elements as your shower curtain!

Are you also addicted to "The Big Bang Theory"? Care to add some more on my list? hehehe... you can do it by writing your comments below! Thanks for coming here! Bazinga!

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  1. I love this show!!! This is an example of the inner geek in me.

    Well done Yatot, or shall I say the blogger with the most glowing aura this side of the Paficic. ;)


  2. @zorlone: what they have seen here is only your comment.. what the people didnt see is that you actually told me that list number 7 and 19 have spelling errors! hahahha... another manifestation of being addicted to the show! aaaww! thanks for the comment! hahaha

  3. Haven't watched this show yet. But I've been reading good reviews about.

    I cannot really add anything to this list. What I want to know is: Which of these you are already doing?

    Have you tried #19? Hehe

  4. @richie: oh.. you should watch it! zorlone and I highly recommend it! hehehe... never tried #19 though.. haahha but i tried using bazinga!

  5. Can you share where I can watch Big Bang Theory online for free. Hehehe

  6. I am hooked. What a great show. Sheldon is hilarious!

  7. @patrick: oh yes! i would definitely agree with you! hahahha

  8. Sheldon is one of the best characters on TV.....Such a smart, well written sitcom....Probably in my top 5

  9. @jason: i do agree! it is such a smart sitcom! and oh sheldon is just the best!

  10. The big bang theory series is a great TV program.

  11. @The T-shirt maker: now that's a statement! hehehe... =D

  12. I don't feel smart or geeky enough to add to your list but I love Big Bank Theory.

  13. @connie: that's okay... as long as you love the show that's fine with me! heheheh... thanks for dropping by!

  14. I'm not a avid fan of the show, but perhaps when I get to watch it, I will be; because I'm a sci-fi fanatic. Cheers.

  15. I did try to come as "The Doppler Effect" last Halloween. Does that count? Hehe!!

    (just kidding, i wasn't in costume - although I did do that sound effect once or twice. haha!)

  16. Ooooo 'talk geeky to me'. lol I love this show!

  17. @mam jena: oh you should watch it! reyjr, doc z and I are watching the show! heheheh... we highly recommend the big bang theory especially for science people like you! hehhehe

    @reyjr: wahahahhaa... i can imagine you wearing the Doppler Effect costume! hahahha... i guess the Doppler effect sound counts! hhahha =P

    @anne: oh hi there! thanks for dropping by... we all love the show! drop by here sometime again and we will talk geekiness stuffs okay? hehhhee

  18. does keeping ur savings in a peanut brittle jar with snakes count. Good list mate.

  19. @anonymous: hahahha.. yeah! that would do alright! thanks for dropping by!

  20. you forgot your flash drive you forgot your flash drive you forgot your flash drive you forgot your flash drive you for got your fash drive .....

  21. what about: The first time you see a beautiful woman ou say "Our kids will be smart And beautiful!" hahah! I love TBBT! It's the best show ever! :D

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