Thursday, July 2, 2009

To be green or not be: that is the question!

In my attempt to do a Shakespearean poetry for our science magazine, here I am posting a self-made environmental version of the William Shakespeare's famous poem "To be or not to be", but this time, it's nothing like the original version — the length, the rhyming words, the stanza, the metrics — nothing very much alike!

The poem that you will about to read did not make it in print. I decided to change the supposed poem to something more essay-ish. But luckily, I kept this poem as remembrance of how I am not-so inclined with poetry and with the environment. Hahaha... By the way, I put a picture before the poem itself to have a Zorlone-ish feeling about the poem... Nothing personal... hehehe... I hope you enjoy reading this! Hehehe...

To be green, or not to be
by Yatot

To be green, or not to be: that is the question,
Whether this environment to suffer,
The people with uncertain and dirty future,
Or take part against garbage throwers,
To have a stand is to be free!
There will be no more: stagnant water,
Dying fishes in the ocean, dead sea creatures,
Floating garbage in rivers and lakes,
Treeless mountains, black smoke.
To devout ourselves with the environment, is to be free.
To sleep peacefully with no sounding of threat,
From flash floods, landslides, or broken dreams,
Of having a green and peaceful environment.
We must give pause and think,
When we do not follow being green,
Who else to blame, to suffer? Is it only I?
Calamity comes from disrespect,
If we give respect, we receive respect,
From everyone, from the environment,
Otherwise, we are only running in circles.

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  1. I was thinking of "green" in another, it's a well presented and outlined poem; easy to depict what you mean; which should be the case as this poem intends to be instructional. Keep composing!


  2. *clap*
    nice poem! at mala-Zorlone nga, dahil sa pic.. LOL! :D

  3. @JenaIsle: wahahhaa... naughty you! aaaawww! thanks for the good comments!

    @Kelvin: thanks thanks! uu... sinadya ko talaga yun! wahehehhe!

  4. me too mam jena! i was thinking of a deeper hue of green on that poem and i was running for the last line for the affirmation of my instinct.

    yatot once bluffed me already on his previous post about macarthur, and now i am more careful on reading his blog posts, ehehe!

    fortunately, or unfortunately, this is one clean post. ehehe!

  5. @elmot: wahahahha! paranoid you! it's clean no! it is not my intention to put something "green" on my blog! hehehe... thanks for the comment! aaaww!

  6. ahaha! you got me once bro, totally off-guarded. now i am watching my back with so much vigilance when i am here, ehehe!

  7. I thought I heard my name mentioned here. Kaya pala since yesterday e nabibilaukan ako at nakakagat ko ang dila ko. (ouch)

    Yatot is a hippie cum poet, huh? Reminds me of earth day all over.

    Galing ni yatot ano? Ikaw din di ba nagsusulat ka? Babagayan ng mga photos mo yung poem mo.

    ang dami ko nang utang dito kay yatot. Kapag wala kayo, siya ang kinukulit ko.

    sensya na at feeling post ko ito. I can't help it, na overwhelm ako sa pagmention mo dito.

    Sabi na nga e sa balagtasan pa lang kakaiba ka na sumulat, e lalo na dito sa Shakespeare na style pa na to?

    Thanks neighbor!


  8. @zorlone: wahehehe... haba ng comments... thanks sa pagbibigay ng comments! aaaww.. hindi naman ako masyadong magaling sa poem... actually intended for earth day post yata nga yung poem ko! hahahha... thanks ulet!

  9. May hidden talent pala tong blogging buddy ko. Make this your first, man, don't make it your last. I'm excited for more.

  10. @lucreci: whoa! thanks for the good comments... lets see what I can do! wahehehe... im blushing right now na! wahahahhaha... thanks again!


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