Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Tale of MacArthur*!

I tried. Believe me. And many people did. Why is it so hard for me... for us... to make you follow? You are such a hard-headed creature! Don't blame me if everyone dislikes you! It was you who gives out the creeps in us!

You keeps on coming back even if everyone is turning you away. I just can't believe your character! You are one great creature made with so little understanding. You just don't get it, do you?

It seems like you have a mind of your own. You don't follow directions from authorities — people who know what's best for you! How can you disobey order like that? I know you are created by someone, and I know you must only obey your own master... but for Pete's sake! What are you doing? Why do you disobey your master? And do you know what is the consequence for this? Creeps man! You are giving us creeps!

Haunting, isn't it? It was really creepy, actually. Your master should have already deploy you somewhere... Yes... somewhere... somewhere dark and smelly, and watery... where your own kind dwells... But hell NO!!! You are here!!! You are still here....!

I really can't stand you! I wished you'd be gone... forever! How can you do this to us? I know you don't have a heart... it shows, really... but this... with what you are doing... can't you see we are all disgusted!

No magic spell can make you disappeared. Believe me... I tried...: "I call upon all forces of nature... All spirits that dwell... Make this creature disappear... Protect me as I cast this spell..." *Poof* Nothing works... You're still here...

What can I do now? AM. I. LOST? AM. I. DEFEATED? T_T

Pressured. I am pressured. I know I must defeat you! I know I can make you go away and never ever come back! As of the moment... I am still trying to defeat you... Please... go away... I don't want to see you here! Please tell your master to never ask for your return... because I might bring you both to where you truly belong.

*A MacArthur is a fecal in a toilet bowl that keeps on coming back... sorry...

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  1. shit! for heaven's sake yatot! i read till the last line of this sublime suspense drama, only to realize in the end that it is all about a hard-headed yellow submarine!

    kainis, eheheh!

  2. @elmot: wahehehehe... it wouldn't be called suspense if the twist is at the beginning... thanks for reading! hahaha! =P

  3. @loner: hahahha... thanks! =D

  4. Slaps Yatot around a bit with a large MacArthur!


  5. @silkenhut: aaaaawww... that hurts... much! hahhaha!

  6. @lucrecio: wahehehhe... thanks!

  7. May bagong definition of terms na naman. LOL

  8. @silkenhut: Go, agree ako dyan. Ahahaha. And I thought friend Yatot had been super busy.

    Yatot - peace? Ahehehe

  9. @zorlone: wahehhee... isa ka pa, now you know! hahahhaa

    @jan: but i am busy... hahahha


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