Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poetry: Two Poles

More than a year ago, I was able to write a poem on a section in our science magazine. This particular section is called Values Corner. I don't know exactly how I wrote this poem entitled "Two Poles", maybe I am just inspired with the topic. Wahehehehe...

To give a background, the poem is science related, hmmmmm... magnets, I think. But I somehow I made it a little bit more human-related. It is the unedited version, but who cares, grammars are for geeks! Hehehehe... Now, you tell me if I have that poetic prowess in me... Hahaha... And now for the my science poem.

Two Poles

In this parallel universe,
Two poles speak as one,
Likeness makes them apart,
Everything is said and done.

Space keeps them from each other,
Force will make them collide,
Difference can stick them together,
Attraction that will never subside.

The story of two poles,
Is just like the most of us,
Only believers can feel the magic,
It is true that opposite attracts!

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  1. a science writer and a poet -- good combination! i only wish S&T Digest can have wider circulation like Bato Balani.

  2. @homar: hahahhaa.. lagot ka mam tonette kapag nalaman nya yan! bato balani pala ah... hahahha

  3. thanks for the compliment nga pala! hehehhee


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