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How to Save the Earth in Simple Ways?

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My almost two years of work here in the office lets me write a section in our science magazine that tackles about the environment. The section is called "Earth Trustee", a one-page article that focuses on tips on how to improve the surroundings, poems about the Earth, and talks about different environmental issues.

Our magazine, the S&T Digest Science Magazine, is a supplementary reading material for both elementary and high school students. It is distributed to our clients in the different schools here in the Philippines. Apparently, our science magazine has a lot of readers, so I am confident that whatever environmental topics I wrote in the Earth Trustee section of our magazine, I know, the message is clear to all of them — that taking care of our environment is the best thing that you can do for our planet.

How to Save the Earth in Simple Ways?

What if, you have the power to save the Earth in simple ways, what will you do? The Earth is getting older everyday; and the things that we do changed the Earth's condition. Drought, unexplained heat, lack of rainfall, melting ice — these are the cause of man's fast-paced lives.

In support to help our planet, the Earth Trustee gives some helpful advice to save our planet even in the smallest way possible. Here are some of them:

• Keep candy wrappers in pockets until you reach the nearest trash can. Okay, your munching on your favorite chocolate bar while riding in a bus. The bus has no trash can inside. What will you do? Throw your chocolate wrapper outside the bus' window? Think again! Throwing garbage anywhere could be harmful for you. Yes, it's just a piece of chocolate wrapper. But if a lot people throw their pieces of wrappers anywhere, it could add up into a mountain of wrappers. You don't want to happen that do you?

• Walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible. Walking and/or riding a bicycle can show simple ways of doing exercise. They can help you maintain your body weight by slowly burning fats in the body when done, regularly. Aside from that, walking and/or riding a bike save fuel that becomes harmful gases in the atmosphere causing air pollution. Air pollution can cause lung cancers and other respiratory diseases like cough, asthma, and tubercolosis. If you are just going to the nearest store to buy groceries, it is better to walk and/or ride a bike because you know you are helping the Earth to have clean air and at the same time, you are making yourself healthy! Think about it!

• Bury biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials are things or products that have the ability of breaking down into smaller pieces — a process called decomposition. So, instead of burning fallen leaves at your backyard, try to bury them along with other biodegradable materials such as peelings of fruits and vegetables and animal manures to make a compost pit. Decomposed materials can be used as natural fertilizers to plants.

• Reduce, reuse and recycle. You might have heard these a thousand times, but reducing, reusing and recycling materials are still one of the best ways to save the Earth! You reduce garbage by segregation, or separating biodegradables to non-biodegradables. Biodegradables can be made into a compost as discussed. Non-biodegradables such as plastic bottles and tin cans can be bought by recycling plants and junk yards. Never reuse plastic bottles and tin cans because it might cause different illnesses in the future. Reuse glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

• Turn off appliances when not in used. When your mother told you to turn off the electric fan because the weather is fair enough to have cool breeze, then you must follow her. This way, you can save lots of energy that is used as electricity. Some electricity is brought by water, coal or fuel. Just imagine how much of these you can save just by turning off the electric fan? Besides, electric fan motors releases heat, that may contribute to the change in atmosphere.

There are still a lot of simple ways to save the Earth! Can you think of one? Just be sure that while doing these small things, you must think BIG and do these things with all your heart!

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