Monday, October 1, 2007

Have that staying power in blogging

Getting an audience or readers in your blog is a hard thing to do for most bloggers. And the harder part is keeping them and make them come back for more.

Getting hook on someone else's blog is a joy for every blogger. Seeing the frequent faces that visits your blog through mybloglog and seeing the number of visitors coming from different sites to your blog are what sometimes make a blogger happy. Statistics of incoming traffics are important, but of course, these are only numbers and some sort of a bonus for a blogger. But the more important question is: how can a blogger make his/her readers stay in his/her blog?

I have listed some things that I consider helpful for every blogger who wanted to have their readers hook with their blogs and keep on coming back for more:

• Target your readers. A blog which targets specific audience deserves a bookmark. But how do you target an audience? Targeting an audience may refer to as niche blogging or blogging with a theme or purpose. For example, you want to blog about the latest happenings on movies and entertainment industry, that's entertainment blogging! Other bloggers blog about music, science, food recipes, blogging community, love and relationship, technology or just simply blogging about personal life.

• Expand your horizons. If you are an experienced blogger, you already know what your audience like. To keep them from coming back for more, add some more categories or labels to your blog. In this way, your readers will have so much things to choose from rather than reading a recycled article they have just read a couple of weeks ago. By adding more categories to your blog, you can also expand your creativity. Just recently, I added a new label here on my blog which YATOT AT WORK. It tackles some work related entries. It's relatively new, by the way, so there are only a few entries there.

• Reach out for the masses. It's important that your readers understand what are you trying to tell them and the only way to do this is to use a simple english language. You don't want your readers scratch their heads while thinking for the meaning of the word like "refectory" or "unscrupulous" do you? As long as you can translate a broad word into a simple layman's term word, you can reach out for every single English speaking country. Grammar is always not an issue in blogging. As long as you can understand every word that you are reading it's still okay!

• Sound like a professional. Always remember that a blogger is not always a professional blogger. Every blogger get ideas from other bloggers, they revised some thoughts, and then they blog about it. Although there are still a few bloggers who blog on original content, they still don't sound like a professional. But how do you sound like a professional? Stay connected with your thoughts! Words do play sometimes! A simple word may diverge into some topics. So a blogger must know his/her words of usage. Like this blog, do I sound like a professional blogger?

• Have a regular posting schedule. Regular posting schedule is also important to have frequent readers. Some bloggers do it on a weekly basis, others do it on an everyday twice a day basis. Whichever a blogger would prefer, regular posting habits literally attract readers. Especially if you are using blogrush in your widget, competition for titles posted on blogrush widget is a big help to have targeted audience or readers.

• Have gimmicks. Finally, the secret to John Chow's success has finally revealed! I've heard (or read) from other blogs that John Chow used or still using gimmicks in his blog to attract audience or readers. Based from what I have read, John Chow promotes his blog through giving away flat screen TVs or some useful things to get readers for his targeted ads on google. This way, every reader who passed by his blog got a chance to win a freebie! Some blogs offer free books, free review, free lunch, etc. It's enticing to read blogs with gimmicks, but they are considered as evil blogs. As far as I know, google doesn't allow anyone to have gimmicks in their websites to attract readers for some reasons. This blog does not allow any form of gimmickry just to attract readers. It's evil you know! Hehehe.

So there, if you wanted to have that staying power, you may or may not follow my tips on blogging. But based from my experience as a blogger, these are the best way to have your readers come back for more.

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  1. my biggest problem here is how to reach out to the masses mainly because a whole slew of my readers are fil-ams. I had wanted to write in tagalog for some time but I am incapable to do so (I don't know why, I can speak it fluently) :P

    as far as posting schedule, as the saying goes "the more, the many-er"

    now gimmicks, every blogger should have one...

  2. Nice tips. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @paolo: i know gimmicks in blogs just make the world of blogging goes round! hahahhaha

    @tom: ur welcome... come again soon! ^_^

  4. tnx for the tips. im just a rookie in blogging. and i have to admit i learned a lot from this post.


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