Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I never thought how time fly so fast...

Last October 17, I celebrated my first anniversary here on blogspot! Yey! I never thought how time fly so fast, I already celebrated my first anniversary. It must be the office rushes and deadline, I forgot that I have been using blogspot for more than a year now! I've been blogging for more than a two years already, but when I started blogging on blogspot, all of the things that I know suddenly change.

Let me tell you my blogging developments and how I come up with The Yatot Chronicles and my Random Thoughts blog. After all, it's good to look back, but just don't live with it. Hehehe... As they say, it is the key to the future (cornicles, hahahha!).

• It was my officemate who introduced blogging to me. I was an alien back then, and she was like blogging for two years already. What am I up to?

• It was hard to think of a name for my blog that will sound catchy in the ears. I registered on blogdrive. And I thought of the name blogkuto. It is supposed to be blogkoto, literal translation would be "this is my blog", but I mistakenly typed blogkuto in the address box when I registered on blogdrive. Finally, after some minutes or so, was born. It was the (mis)adventure of blogkuto. Blogkuto literally means "blog louse" because I was just a louse that blogs (aaw, the melodrama!).

• My first post on blogdrive was found here. It is written in Filipino.

• And then, after 30 blog entries, I decided to switch to blogspot with my random thoughts, also written in Filipino with some english musings. Hahaha... The new blog was entitled "random pieces in my mind"! Anything goes written in here. My first blog post is located here.

• Three months later, I learned about monetizing my blog through adsense and on January 02, 2007, The Yatot Chronicles was born.

• Technically, I have (and still) two blogspot blogs. I learned from reading different blogs some techniques on how to monetize blogs using adsense and some secrets. Because of that I launched my third blog on blogspot. It is a food blog recipe. but only short-lived. The template is not working right now. Huhuhu...

• Because of my willingness to earn extra from blogging, I change my templates every once in a while, and every now and then and experimented on different blog layouts that works and suits me... Overall, I think I had nine changes of blog layouts and design... from 2-columns to 3-columns and from minima, to denim, to erudite, to andreas, etc., etc., until now to simplex design.

• The Yatot Chronicles (YC) underwent several changes. Originally, YC was a blog about information on somethings that I like such as recipes, entertainment and television show information. But then, it was again a short-lived blog. I later found out that lyrics and downloads was a big hit on blogsearches. So, I tried it.

• I got tired of researching and writing lyrics and uploading mp3s on fileden for the link download here on YC. So, everything went to trash, once again.

• Now, YC is more than a blog about blogging. I tackle different things such as relationship, funny pictures, features, love diaries, tips, blogging and more.

It's been a year of ups and downs for my blog which experiences some frequent hiatuses due to work, but despite of these, I am glad YC is still here to stay.

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  1. wow. you also had an amazing gistory there. I can relate. before I achieved my present blog, I was also like you back then, but far worse because I stated my blog in august of 2005 and updated it only after 7 months haha.

    anyhow congrats with the Yatot Chrinicles. It really cool (kakaiba). I will be your 100% supporter from now on (started 3 weeks ago actually).

    God Bless and Pax et Bonum!

  2. Hi Yatot, I noticed that even if you cheat post, in Google reader, it is still dated at the time you published it,regardless of the time stamp. hehe

    Anyways, thats a nice history line. I should post mine too. hehe :D

  3. @allen: really? amff! it seems that I cannot escape google reader afterall... hahahha.. thanks for the info! nabuko mo ako dun a! hahhahhahaa ^_^ V


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