Monday, February 13, 2012

The "Diva Moment" Experience!

"I'm a soul diva! Got problems?" |
This was a guest post by my friend, Angge.

Whether you like it or not, do it intentionally or unintentionally, there are times that everything around you suddenly changes. All eyes are on you, you feel that you have elevated, you get blinded by the glaring spotlight, and you feel that you are the “awesomest” person in the house. Boom! Ladies and gentlemen, let's give it a hand for Mr. or Ms. Booyah! Instant celebrity, right? That is what I called the diva moment experience. And I'm not just talking about the “singing diva” kind-of-thing. This is about someone who steals the spotlight from anybody by acting as if he or she is superior over everybody else. It doesn't matter if he or she has the right to act that way. Diva moments can happen to anyone. And yes, it could also happen to you.

Whoa! So, how can one has the right to be a diva? There are people who intentionally act like a diva because they earned a degree from the Awesome School of Divaness majoring in BS Bossyness or AB Bitching. Sometimes, it's just run through their veins. But there are times that the shining moment just happens because one did something incredible or uttered something amazing. Diva moments can be a positive or a negative. It might be a real laugh trip or a nasty moment that you just want to forget.

Let me share to you some diva moment experiences that I have witnessed first hand.

The Fastfood Diva

When I was in college, we used to run to the nearest fastfood outside our college's building to grab some snacks before the next class starts. We usually order burger, sandwich, fries, or any food that is easy to munch while listening to a lecture. We have this new classmate who came from abroad. She belonged to a batch one year higher than our batch so that makes her older than most of us.

One day, as we waited for our orders at the counter, my two friends and I heard a loud and somewhat ridiculous complain from one of the customers. As we turned our curious heads we were surprised to see our new classmate shouting at the fastfood crew because the poor girl forgot to include ketchup in her take-out fries. That was one loud and insulting rant from her. She even called the crew stupid. Of course with that eardrum-breaking shout and sharp words, she became the center of attention. We are ashamed not for the crew but for her. How can a college student acted like a child throwing tantrums because of a ketchup? Sheesh...

Lesson learned: never dine in a fastfood with her.

"I'mma, I'mma, I'mma a diva... I'mma, I'mma, I'mma a diva..." |

The Matinee Idol Diva

This encounter happened when I was working as an event organizer. I met and worked with a lot of artists and production team. This encounter was one of the most unforgettable experiences in working with celebrities. Mr. Former Prominent Matinee Idol had me rolling my eyes when he asked for a separate waiting room. Yes! Big artists like him demand things like that. But isn't that too much for a one-time appearance during the event. All he has to do was to say hi and throw some spiels to introduce one of the performances. Man, he didn't have to stay for long. He was not performing and he's not the highlight of the show.

Since we were really having problem assigning waiting rooms for the performers and we just find his demand really unnecessary, we decided not to include him in the list of celebrities who will appear in the program. He was not a great loss, really.

Lesson learned: once a "has been" always a "has been"

The English-Speaking Diva

Ever encountered an unaccommodating sales lady at the mall? I did. The usual saleslady we always encounter in malls is overly accommodating sometimes. They follow you as you choose what to buy, they keep on giving you unsolicited suggestions regarding the item you are looking, and just stands too close to you as you look at the items in her area. That is annoying but not as much as annoying as a saleslady who ignores me because I don't look rich enough to buy something inside the mall.

I was buying shoes at that time. I need size 9 for the flats that I chose so I approached this saleslady. She kept on ignoring me and seemed too lazy to accommodate my request. So when she finally gave her attention to me, I asked her in English if size 9 is available. She suddenly felt intimidated and responded to my request. I don't mean to be a diva at that time. But sometimes, one has to be a diva to get equal attention from discriminating persons such as this saleslady. I might be dressed like a pauper (well, not really) but I can pay for that pair of shoes. *Snap, snap, snap (snapping in air as if writing the letter 'Z')*

Lesson learned: Always reserve some English vocabularies in your pocket... you'll never know when will you use it!

We are all entitled to be diva sometimes. But one has to be reasonable in making “demands” like a diva. Act like one if it is needed. And don't steal the moment if you'll just rant like an old woman or throw tantrums like a spoiled brat. Try to be nice in asking and if it doesn't work, that's the only time you have to steal the spotlight. Be classy and awesome in your diva moment. Demand politely but with authority. Intimidate but don't discriminate. Impose what is right for you without sacrificing your morals. And remember not to resort in being a diva everytime you asks for something. That is the awesomest way to be a diva. *Snap, snap, snap*

And for all those divas out there, divas at heart, divas in the making, or people who experience different diva moments... here's an awesome music video from Beyonce! *Snap, snap, snap*

Do you have a personal diva moment experience? Share it with us by writing your comment/s below!


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