Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Tale of the Left-Over Raisins!

According to Looney Tunes, raisins are dried up bowling balls. I believe. True story.

Well... if you are wondering why is there a "tell a tale" here in my awesome blog, I figure out, it is not hurtful for me or for my awesome blog to go beyond the usual. I thought, "hey, this is my blog, so I can write anything from it". So here it is... the finish product of my self-deliberation, and hundreds, no, maybe thousands of arguments with myself to include at least once in a while, some tell-all experience from my awesome life. Because I am awesome enough to include a tell-all experience, I might enjoy putting some, maybe, many here. Hahaha... but wait, this is just the beginning. I am thinking of putting another item here... and that's coming soon!

Anyway, going back to the topic...

The tale of the left-over raisins started when an officemate of mine commented on my removal of raisins included in the rellenong bangus that I ate about a year ago. This was the first time I ate the said dish in our canteen. For those who do not know, rellenong bangus is milk fish dish which is stuffed with milk fish meat and some more ingredients. Basically, the milk fish meat was removed from the milk fish, cooked with several ingredients such as onions, ground pork, green peas, some seasonings, and others would raisins into it.

Moving on, my officemate said that I am weird because I removed the raisins from my rellenong bangus. I said to him/her that I only eat raisins in food in four instances... these are:

1) When the raisins are included in cinnamon rolls! Yummy as it looks, yes! I eat raisins when it is included in cinnamon rolls... however, I don't like to eat raisin breads;

2) When the raisins are included in raisin cookies! Weird I am, I know! I don't like raisin breads but I like to eat raisin cookies! Which one do you think is the best? I like the cookies more! Hehehe...;

3) When the raisins are covered with chocolates! Yes! I love chocolate raisins... chocolate-covered raisins, raisins included in fruits and nuts, and uhm... even though it is not covered with chocolates, I also love raisins included in granola bars or oatmeal bars! Love, love, love!!! Hahaha..; and

4) Finally, eating raisins as it is! Period.

Now, why didn't I like eating raisins included in dishes?

First of all, let's enumerate some popular Filipino dishes which include raisins in it (Filipino raisins recipes), or perhaps the cook put the raisins in purpose... below are some of them:

Filipino dishes/foods with raisins in it or at least the cook purposely put them in it

• Menudo
• Rellenong Bangus
• Embutido
• Chicken Galantina
• Buko Salad
• Macaroni Salad
• Fruit Salad
• Some variety of pastas

So there. The above-mentioned foods are also favorites, however, putting raisins into it, is a no-no for me. You wanna know why? Because raisins are the product of rigorous sun-drying activities. It took time for the grapes to all dry up, to get that perfect wrinkled skin, and to preserve that sweet-sugary taste. It has been dehydrated for such a long time and then suddenly, by putting raisins into foods I mentioned above would only make the raisins de-wrinkled or hydrated again! Talk about altering a well-known product, huh?

Call me a whim, call me a brat, call me a biased person who only eat raisins in selected foods... Where's the sense of hydrating again what has been dehydrated for so long, right? Where is justice? Raisins, fighting!


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