Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Tale of Just Me Attending Movie Premiere Nights!

More than a year ago, I wrote about my very first experience on attending a movie premiere night. Several movie premiere nights later, I am still attending premiere nights and press screenings of the latest movies that are soon to be showing in town! Thanks to the awesome people at 20th Century Fox (Philippines), especially to Ms. Mae, for giving me the opportunity to watch different foreign films from their movie outfit for FREE! Attending movie premiere nights is such a wonderful and awesome experience!

Being an awesome guy, attending premiere nights and press screenings are like a big social responsibility that were vested upon me by whoever had the power to do it. Due to limited seats, not everyone is entitled for a FREE seat. So, it is such an awesome honor if you are given an opportunity to attend like this one.

In a movie premiere night, you meet different types of people. There are the celebrity type, the diva type, the friendly type, the loner type, and there are some hey-i-am-so-excited-to-watch-this-movie type of people. Me? I am just the awesome type.

For the past years, I have been to several movie premiere nights and press screening places courtesy of 20th Century Fox (Philippines). I've been to Rockwell, Glorietta Mall, Greenbelt, Trinoma, and different SM Cinemas. I must say, every movie screenings and premiere nights bring joy to my heart. You never knew how much excitement I got every time I received text messages from Ms. Mae, inviting me to attend a premiere night. It is also a joy to see how different fans gather around for one mission alone — to watch their most anticipated movie in advanced and for FREE! Hehehe!

The recent movie premiere night that I attended was the press screening of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 3D! It is such an awesome opportunity to watch the Star Wars movie with Star Wars fans from all walks of life! Who cannot miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch Star Wars with fans, right? Screaming fans inside the cinema are cra-a-a-zy! So, was I! Hahaha!

Sometimes it brakes my heart to sadness whenever I cannot make to a movie premiere due to office works and pre-occupied work-related moments that needed to be finished. Yes! I still work on a regular basis as a corporate slave! Who does not, really? Hahaha! So, sometimes attending a movie premiere is really a must to relieve stress from workloads. Gladly, movie premiere nights are just a text or facebook message away and in advance, too, so that I can also fix my schedules as well!

During premiere nights, I see to it that I bring along a friend of mine or two. It is fun to watch movie premieres with close friends that you can discuss the movie with after it was shown as you go home. I bring officemate friends, classmate friends, former co-employee friends, or a combination of any of them. I once tried watching a movie premiere alone, I was sad not because the movie was sad, but because I had noone to talk to or discuss the movie with as I go home. Of all the friends that I have invited to join me in premiere nights, there is still one person I am yet to invite. I wanted it to be a special movie, because it would be our first movie date! But then again, that is another story. Bleh!

So, in conclusion, below is a collage of some pictures of me with my world-renowed awesome movie tickets pose! Enjoy!


  1. Hi awesomeness! Your stuff is really cool. I haven't attended any premier night in my entire life. Can you share that awesome experience to me and my husband. pretty please?? =D i know that this blog isnnt about making someone's wish come true... but hey, i can't help it. it's awesome!!!

  2. btw, in case your generous heart decided to grant this poor little girl's wish, my email address is mail2ica@yahoo.com


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