Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pushing the Reset Button and Starting Over Again

My life as a writer in my previous company ended on Valentine's Day of this year. Like a broken-hearted teenager, my relationship with my previous company ended up with not much drama. I had to cut the more than seven years of love-and-hate relationship because I felt that one of us is already getting hurt. Who knew? Maybe the seven-year itch also came to visit? So on Valentine's Day, I made the ultimate decision that will change my life forever.

It's been more than a month now since I left my previous love and had to move on with my life. The past month was really a struggle. I was lost, finding myself staring at blank walls. For the past month, I said, I'm gonna write something to have an outlet. But I felt that my writing mojos suddenly left me. Even though my blogs are out there and can stand on its own, I know, I should try pushing myself to write something.

Finally, after several second thoughts, it hit me. I need to freshen up everything and start anew. I have lifted a new leaf to my life now, my blogs might as well do the same thing. With this new and improved blog, The Yatot Chronicles will never be the same again (I do hope so... hahaha!).

Now, I say goodbye to the old The Yatot Chronicles, it's more than 820,000 pageviews, and 590 posts, and embrace this inevitable change. What to expect on this new and improved blog? I really don't know! Come what may as they say! I am bringing sexy back to blogging. I might need or upload my former blog entries here as throwbacks, especially those tips in blogging... but I'm sure it will be updated soon. As for now, a bright new light in blogging is coming our way. This is The Yatot Chronicles starting over again. 'Til next blogging!

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