Friday, February 28, 2014

I Now Officially Hate Twitter! Hmp!

In January of this year, my twitter account for this blog @yatotchronicles was hacked by some Russian hacker. This hacker managed to guess my password, changed the email address of my twitter account that I used with that account, and finally changed the password for himself. For days I was really frustrated. That twitter account was almost as the same age as twitter itself. It has been my twitter username for like more than 7 years. Even though it has only about 160 (or so) true followers, I was happy using it for the past seven years of my social media life.

After the frustration, I got sad. I was really sad for days. I know the immediate action was recover the twitter username OR create another account, but I was hesitant to do so. It actually took me two weeks to finally create another account. So, I created the twitter username @ako_ek to finally have a personal twitter account and at the same time an account for this blog (because I was stubborn at making a separate account for this blog). But unfortunately, a sudden lightning struck me. The twitter account @ako_ek was suspended for some "illegal activities" that I made. Apparently, twitter does not like advertising your twitter username to other social media accounts such as facebook. It appears I "illegally" promoted my new twitter username. What I really want to do is connect to my friends on facebook who also has any twitter accounts by following me.

The suspension happen a few days after I created @ako_ek. So, according to twitter, I should make a ticket for them requesting to UN-suspend my suspension. Eventually, I appealed for the reversal of my suspension and got a ticket. Several days later, I am still waiting for their respond for my alleged "illegal activities" on promotion.

Finally, I got tired of waiting, so I made another account. The twitter username @ek2_pramis was created a few days ago, probably three days before I wrote this down. I was happy I finally thought of another username. And then the unthinkable thing happened. Today, as I was organizing my social media accounts, I have learned that my new twitter username @ek2_pramis was suspended. I really have no idea what I have done wrong. As of the moment, there are two twitter usernames of mine that are suspended and I really don't know why, or when it is going to be un-suspended.

I wish twitter will revert their decisions regarding my new twitter accounts. Just imagine two new twitter accounts in three weeks' time which got suspended just like that for alleged "illegal activities and promotions." I know I can just create another username, but thinking of a username itself is just so tedious. I can only hope of getting either @ako_ek or @ek2_pramis twitter username back so that I can move on with my social media life. As for now, I can only sigh.

(Yes! Because having a twitter account is so important in today's life! Hahaha!)

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