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How to increase Twitter Followers... the evil way!

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It was just a couple weeks ago when the good doctor, the ladies' man and friend, Zorlone was asking me how will he able to increase his then twitter account's followers 397 number count to make it to a close 400 or even surpass it without getting any effort of attracting potential twitter followers. In his situation, it is really hard to attract a follower because @Zorlone's genre as a blogger goes a little bit out of the way for most bloggers. If you will visit his website, you will see poems, yes because our good doctor and the ladies' man is a poet at heart!

How to increase twitter followers

So here's the thing, I let Zorlone do an experiment which I did (and still do) with my twitter account (@yatotchronicles). I am very sure once you have known this little experiment of mine, your twitter account's followers will boosts like crazy!!! It is a very cool experiment with guaranteed results of increasing your twitter followers! This is your chance to know the secret in increasing your twitter followers.. the evil way! Bwaahahahhaa... (why am I hearing the evil Igor at my back...?) Just follow the step by step guides below! Aaawww! Muuaaahhhhahahaha...

• For you to increase your twitter followers, you must first enable the email alert of your twitter account. This has nothing to do with the 'real' experiment really, but this is just a matter of seeing how many twitter users has already following you. So to do the enabling of the email alert, you must:

~ Login to your twitter account;
~ Click on Settings (located at the upper right corner), then Notices;
~ Click on the "New Follower Emails" then save.

Is that easy or what?

• Now, here's the second phase of our little experiment on how to increase your twitter followers the evil way!!! Bwahahahhaa (thunders and lightnings at the background...)

~ Click on 'Home' of your twitter account;
~ On the space provided for every tweets... type anything you like... but here's the twist... for every tweets you make, always put the keywords: "Affiliate Marketing" OR "Internet Marketing"... click on update and your done!!!

• The third phase will be the observation process. Open your email account (the one you put to receive email alerts from twitter). Wait for a few minutes, say 30 minutes will do and observe the incoming email alerts from twitter saying that @name is now following you on twitter! nyahahha...

Now, is that evil or what? Of course, I don't recommend doing this experiment on a daily basis because like people, twitter followers come and go... especially when we are talking about "affiliate marketing" or "Internet Marketing" tweetpeeps (people using twitter), you know!

If you are just for the fun of seeing your twitter followers to increase then you may do so... Just a reminder kids... most "affiliate marketing" and "Internet Marketing" tweetpeeps are twitter spammers... so be careful with who you follow... And as for me... I don't follow back! Another evil plan... hahahha!!!

Do you have a tip on how did you manage to increase your twitter followers, evil or not? Care to share it with us? Hehehe... Just write in your comments below... if you like this post about twitter, you may follow me at @yatotchronicles... just a reminder again, I tweet in English and Filipino languages (sometimes Russian, sometimes German, Thais, Bahasa Malaysia, etc...)! Enjoy the rest of the day!

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  1. One way I would recommend is to use John Chow's Twitter Follower site

    If you follow those people listed in there, they will follow you back. That simple.

    It is an opt in site though so you get email newsletters from John Chow (usually affiliate offers) automatically.

  2. @richie: oohh... thanks sa info na yan... but i tend not follow anymore twitter users unless i would like them to follow or it gives me interest simply because my i cant read anymore my friends' tweets if that happens... hehehe...

  3. @richie: ang gulo pala ng comment ko... hahahha.. siguro naman nakuha mo yung thought... medyo masakit na kasi ung daliri ko at mga mata eh... hahhaha

  4. One way of adding followers is to follow the maximum number of people (10% of your follower count). But first you need to search for relevant keywords in Twitter search. Add those people who are talking, tweeting about your keywords.

    2. Wait for two days. Give those people time to follow you back. After 48 hours, unfollow those who don't follow you back.

    3. Rinse and repeat.

    The idea is that at least 20% of people you follow in bulk will reciprocate. You just have to unfollow those divas who don't follow back.

    In a month you'd have increased your Twitter stats. I used to do this, but it's tiring and takes too much time so I gave up. Thank goodness. But it's better than using a script that trawls Twitter users - following and unfollowing whoever it sets its eyes on. That works, too. But you might get banned by Twitter once they detect you.

    Another bad thing about this is it's stupidly hilarious. But then that's another Twitter story altogether.

    I'd rather hear about the result of our good friend Doc Z's Twitter experiment with internet marketers.

    You're an evil coach, Yatot. You need a good spanking. LOL

  5. Haha, this is indeed very evil. How about this for an experiment. RT @johnchow: Now following @zorlone, very cool Tweep.... Of course I am just kidding, but this is very evil indeed, lol

  6. funny, I don't use 'Affiliate Marketing' and 'Internet Marketing' in my tweets. Yet, I get followed by psedo-money makers on twitter.

    I said pseudo, because if I am really making money, I would be aways having good times with those money instead of tweeting my life away

  7. Just when I clicked on the "post comment" button, I lost my connection. :(

    First of all, thanks Yatot for the mention, the link, and the blog promotion.

    About the experiment, well, it was a success. But the followers eventually unfollowed. Some stayed too.

    @Jan exellent tips in washing clothes, err, twitter lists. he he he. I just have to look for people to follow in my niche and maybe, they'd follow me back, I guess.

    @DiTesco, sneaky indeed. LOL. Well, twitter was the place where I met you and a lot of other cool peeps. I just have to keep an eye open and hope that the people I follow would follow me back. he he he.


  8. @yatot

    Bwahahaha... Ganyan ang napapala ng mga evil. Madaling sumasakit ang daliri at mata..

  9. @jan: i dont want to deal with divas... but still that was a good tip you know.. only time consuming... hahhaha

    @DiTesco: that experiment could work.. nyahahha.. that's evil too! using the name of @johnchow for personal gain... hahhaa

    @roy: oh should try this experiment, too just for fun.. hehehhe

    @zorlone: no prob... hehehe... well, as they say nga, twitter followers come and go... you simply have no guarantee of them staying for your tweets...

    @richie: wahehhehe... hindi naman masyado.. aaaaww

    @kelvin: hehehe.. sabi nga it worked! hahaaha told yah!

  10. Lord, Man is there a bat flying in front of the moon? It is very evil in here indeed.

  11. Hi Yatot!

    Great tips bro! I'll try it right away!

  12. @heather: i know, right! hahahha

    @jhong: so how is it going? hehehe

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  14. Apreciable tips Man! If you people have still doubt about to increase followers then I have a Marvelous idea to Register yourself on "marketontwitr" upon goole.

  15. great info....currently I have a very few followers on twitter... but surely these tips to help me a lot.Thanks for sharing this......

  16. This is some nice little evil article!
    I'm trying out right now, got 2,000 followers the first week.
    I'll keep you updated...

  17. Thank you for posting this. It answered lots of questions which I had.

  18. Very nice blog. I love your ideas - simple and back to basics . Great ideas....

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  20. I used Twiends once and in a day I got almost 300 followers. hehe.

  21. Sir thank you for sharing this tips on how we can increase our twitter fans :)

    I will try it!

  22. Those are some good ways to increase twitter followers. I am going to show this with all of those who currently follow me @Brooce

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