Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anne Curtis in her wardrobe malfunction (video)!

Fresh and hot of the grill news! The controversial wardrobe malfunction photo of actress Anne Curtis spread like wildfire in just a few days time, thanks to the unscrupulous people who uploaded them on the Internet and to the tabloid who published it on print. Because of this, beautiful actress Anne Curtis is in the hot seat right now because of her wardrobe malfunction last Sunday in the musical variety show ASAP XV on ABS-CBN. Three days after the said incident, actress Anne Curtis talks about her wardrobe malfunction on the said show during the Boracay special of ASAP XV.

"Alam ko namang hindi naman maiiwasan yun eh.. but to upload it and to even spread it even more... that's what makes me sad... and ah.. you know nakaka-dishearten... (I know that it cannot be avoided (the wardrobe malfunction incident) but to upload it and to even spread it even more... that's what makes me sad... and you know I was disheartened)" — Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis, in an interview with Gretchen Fulido in ANC's Dateline, said that this is no way a publicity stint to her and on-screen partner Sam Milby's movie "Babe, I Love You". Sam Milby find the spreading of the wardrobe malfunction photo of Anne Curtis very disrespectful. If you are looking for Anne Curtis' wardrobe malfunction photo, there is no way you can find it here. I love Anne Curtis as an actress. I love her personality. Just respect the person, please. Below is the interview of Anne Curtis in ANC's Dateline. (Thanks to officemate Jessie for the hat tip!)

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  1. I've seen posts describing the accident as Anne Curtis scandal. Come on, people. Ay bloggers pala. Buti na lang you're not one of them. :)

  2. @jan: of course no! im prudent enough to know what's giving respect to other people kaya... and besides.. the incident is nothing as compared to different scandals on the Internet no... hehhehe

  3. parang nauuso ang wardrobe malfunction lately a

  4. ay wala yung video? i want to see it!!! yatot please post it!!

  5. @funnylee and @eymard: i think there is a total ban for posting anne curtis wardrobe malfunction videos... sorry to inform you that i will not tolerate such action (the posting of video).. i did not post the photo, so i might as well not post the video showing what has accidentally shown... lets just give this to anne curtis... she's not the kind of girl who will do something illegal just to have a publicity stint for her upcoming movie... and besides.. we all know that anne curtis is a sweet girl... i hope you understand...

  6. sometimes, people just get so excited, and even amused at the expense of another. i agree, anne is sweet girl. she deserves respect.

  7. ha! Yatot won't post it but I will.. here :D just kidding yatot. Kudos to you to resist your desires for the sake of Anne

  8. @novs: i agree... anne deserves some respect.. she's not a bold star..

    @allen: thanks! it's for the love of anne curtis! aaawww!


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