Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Red Carpet Premiere for MovieNews!!!

It's been a couple of weeks of ago when I asked blogger-mate friend Richie of Idiot Box to join me in my quest to have a movie website which can cover everything about movies. He immediately said yes, because I am such a person having some good sales talk abilities! Nyahahha...

It is my dream of having of having my own domain. I can't purchase one, I don't have the money. Hehehe... But another blogger friend trusted me with his domain name and I said, "Oh yes! It is my honor to have that domain name and I am willing to serve you master..." I love you, dude! You know who you are! Aaaaww!

And finally, www.MovieNews.me is born once again! But why once again? MovieNews.me is the successor of the former MovieNews.me format. I am a fan of that website a few months ago. I never knew that one day, the website will now be managed by me and richie. Wahehehehe...

And so, our quest to makeover MovieNews.me had begun. I have searched a very competitive template. A few days later, Richie and I talked about how I wanted the website will be. I have a vision on that one! Hehehe... I asked for Richie's expertise on tweaking adsense (which by the way I found really stubborn-y to do! hahaha!), agreed on some things, and tweaked some more to have our website to have that wordpress-feeling even though it is hosted on blogger.com (yeah... I am a fan of blogger.com!). And so, MovieNews.me is reborn!

Finally, I told him, "hey, I wanted a grand launching on December 1 for our website... are we ready for the big gala red carpet premiere? (ambitious! hahahaa)" And so, here I am blogging about our newly created website!!! Woohoo!

What are in-store on MovieNews.me?
MovieNews.me is your not-so-typical movie website. It is created with a wit, humor and intelligence only a wannabe movie buff can offer... lols! Hahahha.. Seriously, MovieNews.me is a one-of-a-kind movie website that gives you everything about movies, movies and more movies... But of course we don't offer FREE MOVIE DOWNLOADS... that's a no-no!

Our website is dedicated to movies, movies and everything movies! So what are you waiting for... Experience a movie website like you did not experience before... In a few days there will be lots of blog entries about movies on our website... So click here, right now!!!

Click here to visit the movie blog that will change your moviegoing experience.

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  1. Sadly we won't be offering free movie downloads. But let's see about letting you watch movies online.

    TYC readers, see you at our newest movie blog!

  2. Hey, cool. I love movies! Thanks for telling us about this!

  3. @heather: weee! i love watching movies too! soon we will be featuring hollywood film reviews and some other stuffs... thanks for visiting! =D

  4. Cool , Yatot. Good luck, will you be featuring my favorite actor - Christopher de Leon and Nicolas Cage? lol

  5. @mam jena: if christopher de leon and nicolas cage have upcoming movies.. why not? hehehhe... thanks for coming here!


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