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The Metro Manila Film Festival Entries 2009 (Complete List)

Ever since bloggermate friend Richie and I setup our new movie website, MovieNews.Me, I have become so busy with the contents on everything about movies — from the trailers, to research for some information, to different news and press releases — that's why the hiatus on this blog is now visible. Wahehehe...

It's been more than two weeks now since I last posted something here. But I was not really gone per se. I was just busy balancing work and blogging on my newest collaboration project with our MovieNews.Me website.

Anyway, if you are living in the Philippines and reads this blog entry anywhere (through a browser, email or reader), or perhaps you are a foreigner living abroad and is/are about to go on a vacation in our country, chances are, you might catch this season's offering in movie theaters starting December 25. It's like a yearly tradition every Christmas Day to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines to watch movies included in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2009).

This year's MMFF 2009 includes seven festival movies locally produced by Philippine movie makers industry. MMFF 2009 promises moviegoers of all ages different stories from different movie genres that will surely loved by all! For starters, we at MovieNews.Me listed some information, trailers and sneak peaks of the seven movies included in the Metro Manila Film Festival. Below are the movie links that you can choose from and read each descriptions of the movies:

The Metro Manila Film Festival 2009 Movie Entries

UPDATE: Just in case you don't know we have come up with a fearless forecast on who's going to win in Metro Manila Film Festival 2009 Awards Night to be held on December 28! Click the link below:

2nd Update: The 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Winners are finally in. You may want to click the link below for details:

The Metro Manila Film Festival 2009 Complete List of Winners!

The MMFF 2009 Awards Night Winners (Fearless Forecast)!

Ang Darling Kong Aswang by M-Zet Productions

I Love You Goodbye by Star Cinema

Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love by Regal Entertainment

Nobody, Nobody but Juan by RVQ Productions and Kaizz Ventures, Inc.

Ang Panday (2009) by GMA Films and Imus Productions

Shake, Rattle and Roll 11 by Regal Multimedia Interactive, Inc.

Wapakman by Solar Entertainment Films

For the complete list of the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival Entries you click here By the way we are having a poll on the MMFF 2009 Best Picture category. Which among the seven movie contenders do you think will bag or is the best picture in the MMFF 2009? Click the link below for details!

• Which is your Metro Manila Film Festival 2009 Best Picture [Poll]

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  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  2. Hey, congratulations on your new Movie News website! Very ambitious of you!

  3. Manonood ako ng Wapakman, lol...Thanks Yatot, for the info, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yearto you and your family!

  4. @tagskie: thanks for dropping by! ^_^

    @heather: thanks... i know it's really ambitious of us to do this website... but now we are gaining traffic! hahahha

    @mam jena: wahehehhe... noted! wapakman, indeed! hehehhe

  5. I've never been to the movies on Christmas day, but it seems like a nice tradition. I know there will be some good movies starting that day in the states.

  6. @conniefoggles: in the US, if I am not mistaken, Christmas time is meant for the Oscars campaign... here in the Philippines, Christmas Day has always been a tradition of showing movies that features moral values and entertainment as well... we reserve Dec 25 for MMFF for 35 years already! thanks for coming here and wish you go here in our country to experience a one-of-a-kind Christmas! :D

  7. Hi, Yatot. Now I know why offline ka ngayong Christmas vacation. I'm sure iisa-isahin mo itong mga movies na ito para panoorin. Aminin! Ang daya mo. Mag online ka naman pa minsan-minsan.

    Merry Christmas, my friend. Konting hinay sa food. Baka ma-high blood ka. Ahehehe. Kidding!

  8. tsk! sana enteng kabisote na lang ulit

  9. @Jan: wahehhee... sorry naman sa office lng ako nakakapag-internet.. hehhehe.. at hindi ko pa napapanood ang mga entries ng MMFF 2009

    @richie: yup.. I Love You Goodbye was intended to be shown on January 1, luckily, three movies did not make it on the MMFF 2009 deadline so I Love You Goodbye was moved to an earlier date which is december 25 nga.. details here

    @roy: wahehehhehe

  10. will watch Panday..! awesome and beautiful effects.

  11. @japaul: yah.. from the commercial itself and trailers... i can see that Ang Panday ay talagang pinaghirapan ng husto! go and watch that film! hehehe

  12. I'm really looking forward for updates bro.. happy new year.. let's start the year with a positive outlook each day.. ^^


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