Saturday, November 8, 2008

Calle Crisologo, Heritage Village, Vigan, Ilocos Sur!

I bet you already seen my video of my Ilocos Tour but if you haven't, you can still catch up. But there's nothing really there but some pictures of places that can be seen on the way to Ilocos, mostly nature pictures, but still I suggest you watch the video first before you see the rest of the pictures that I have taken from my Ilocos Tour Experience last April or so, I can't remember the dates already. Hehehe...

Anyway, this is part 3 of the said tour. Today, I present to you snapshots of Calle Crisologo in Heritage Village in Vigan, Ilocos Sur! I have taken a lot of pictures but the following are just a chosen few. But before that some information first of what you are about to see.

The historic town of Vigan was inscribed in the World Heritage List in November 1999 because of its outstanding development in architecture, urban planning, and landscape design. It also serves as a testimony to a cultural tradition which has disappeared. Located at the heart of the Mestizo district of Vigan is the Calle Crisologo. Lined on both sides by centuries-old Vigan Houses, it is made of cobblestones. Ground floors of the old house at Calle Crisologo have been turned into shops where souvenir items and Vigan furniture could be found at reasonable prizes. (Source.)

We left Manila at exactly 7:00 AM and arrived at Vigan, Ilocos Sur at around 5:45 PM. It was a very long trip, indeed. The almost 11 hours trip was okay. Nothing happened. Thank God we arrived safe. We've seen different sceneries and landscapes beforehand. Finally, we arrived at Heritage Village. Our first destination in Ilocos Sur was the Calle Crisologo.

A funeral parlor at Calle Crisologo.

Another view of Calle Crisologo from the right.

Another view of Calle Crisologo from near the front.

Another angle of Calle Crisologo from the left.

The front view of Calle Crisologo.

The Calle Crisologo at dusk.

The Calle Crisologo at nighttime.

Calle Crisologo is a not so long road. But traveling in Calle Crisologo with a calesa will be an exciting experience.

The next time, I will post the different things that you can buy for souvenirs on Calle Crisologo. So, better stick around for that, or better yet, subscribe now to my feeds by dropping your e-mail in the box below.

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