Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Forget Boracay! Visit this Top 10 Hidden Vacation Destinations!

Hot air temperature, humid atmosphere, sunburns, ice cold drinks, pearl shakes, higher electric consumption, pristine water, beach party and circumcision season! All of these are signs of summer. Indeed, we can say that summer has officially started. But what else comes along with summer? Of course, the beautiful vacation destinations! Aaaaahh... I can now smell the hot air of that different tourists destination in the Philippines. Yes, and I am not talking about Boracay here!

When summer season comes, it is usually the people's instinct to go to the beach. Along come with it is the only place where they can enjoy the white sand and bask under the sun — Boracay! But because it is summer, Boracay is for sure have lots of visitors from all over the country and the world! So, what's the alternative for going to Boracay?

As I was looking and browsing the internet for alternative vacation destinations in the Philippines, I come across an entry on about the Top 10 Hidden Vacation Destinations in the country. Beautiful sceneries, clear sky, and stress free destinations await me as I visit that page.

The Top 10 Hidden Vacation Destinations are as follows, and in no particular order:

1. Romblon. The island of Romblon is the Philippines’ main source of marble, thus earning the moniker “Marble Country”. Isn't it a great experience to visit the province that made your marble floorings? Hehehe... But there's more to Romblon than marbles. Find out here.

2. Davao Oriental. The earliest sunrise of the new millennium (January 2000) in the Philippines was recorded at the easternmost tip of the country: Pusan Point, Davao Oriental, now called the “Sunrise Capital of the Philippines”. Discover more of Davao Oriental here.

3. Siquijor. The island of Siquijor, also called “Isla del Fuego” or the “Isle of Fire”, is known to many as a place of magic, mysticism and enchantments. If you want to experience this "magic" that will give you a unique summer experience, go check out the details about this province, here!

4. Antique. According to legend, Antique, or Hamtik, as it was then called, was the realm of Datu Sumakwel, and was the first large Malay settlement in the country. Sounds interesting? There's more to Antique than being one of the oldest pre-Hispanic settlements in the Philippines. Check the info here.

5. Catanduanes. The island of Catanduanes in the Bicol Region is in the Pacific Ocean, and is still virtually untouched by tourists, making it a great vacation getaway for those who want to relax for a while from the rat race. If you want to have a vacation here, you'll enjoy staying here because there are only a small number of people going here! But if a lot of people reading this, maybe you just try another destination. Hehehe... Check out Catanduanes here.

6. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Uhmm... yes, it is really Sebu, not Cebu! Scenic Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, is dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the South”. It is a protected landscape and the ancestral home of the T'boli people. T'bolis are known internationally for their woven clothes. If you want to know more about Lake Sebu, please click here.

7. Glan, Sarangani. Beautiful Glan, Sarangani, is the site of Philippine Government Colony No. 9, the first settlement by pioneers from Luzon and the Visayas in 1914 in SOCCSKSARGEN. It is a place where mountain sceneries meet white beaches and clear, sparkling waters. I cannot give you more info on this, but check out their coastline!

8. Baler, Aurora. Baler, Aurora, the birthplace of first Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, is a place caught between the mountains and the sea: the Pacific Ocean on the east, and the Sierra Madre Mountains on the west. Amazing geography, isn't it? And nice pristine beach!

9. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. Hidden away in the province of Zambales, not far from Subic, is the lovely fishing village of Pundaquit, San Antonio. For those in the know, the beach of Pundaquit is a great haven for beach bums and surfers. So if you're a bummer, get out and hit the road!

10. Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur. The serene Caramoan Peninsula is a hidden paradise in Camarines Sur, great for swimming, island hopping and nature-tripping. I personally love this scenery. Don't get lost in Camarines Sur by browsing their info .

So which of the above vacation destinations are you going to? (Why do I have the feeling that that question sounds like a multiple choice question?) Tell me and lets share experiences!

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  1. Hey guys,

    For those who are planning to visit Glan in Sarangani Province, consider my late uncle and aunt's resort.

    It's Brod Louie resort and spa. For pictures and contact info, you may check out my post:


  2. @mikko: hey thanks for visiting.. ive checked the link and it's cool! the place is cozy... seems quiet too! nice place! beautiful scenery... i hope i can go there soon!

  3. San Antonio, Zambales is the nearest from Metro Manila. Will check it out when we go to Sta. Cruz Island, Zambales next month.

  4. was just at caramoan last week - ang ganda ganda ganda. :) yun lang. you can read about our weekend (bitin!) there on my blog.

    we hope to do anawangin (off zambales) within this summer. :)

  5. @tiohem: oh please do... and then blog about it! hehehhe.. and of course... don't forget the pictures!

    @dr_clairebear: ive seen the pics... the photos are great... kaya lang bitin nga... parang kulang pa sa photos... hehehhehe


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