Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Foodtripping in Chef Donatello and Red Ribbon Plus One!

I know Jehz, this post is way, way, way overdue but I just saw these photos of my foodtripping last december 22, on Resiklo's Red Carpet Premier! Blogmate friend Jehz, the maker of Resiklo Movie website, invited me to join (actually, I forced him to include me) the red carpet premier of the said movie. Sen. Bong Revilla himself invited him with five premier tickets! Hahahhaha... that was a superb experience. Jehz, his girlfriend, Eilenna, Mischelle and I, joined the movie premier! My foodtripping after the click.

Before the red carpet premier, I was waiting for my ticket to arrive. The ticket was with Jehz. The movie premier started at past 7pm. And so I waited for him. I ate at Chef Donatello in Megamall near Cinema 9 (if I am not mistaken, hehehhe).

After 30 minutes and no Jehz and his girlfriend showing up, I already finished eating the food that I ordered. Wahehehhe... All was left are chicken bones and some spaghetti sauce. Wahahhahha

Later that night, after the movie, Jehz, his girlfriend (sorry, I already forgot your name) and I went to Red Ribbon to eat dinner. Eilenna and Mischelle went straight home (I think). I had tocino and friend rice with cake (combo meal).

My cake close-up. Hehehehehe...

And of course, don't forget the now big time Jehzeel Laurente with Senador Bong Revilla, Jr.! Hehehhee...

So there. I did not managed to write a review on this movie. I was stubborned and lazy. Hahahhaha...

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  1. wow buti ka pa may review neto ako wala.. hehehhe.. si Elve name nya... Elve Jane!.. hehehe :D edit edit edit :D

  2. @jehz: wala nga akong nagawang review about resiklo eh... basta... there's something happened... hahhahha... oh, yeah... i now remember... sige, i'll edit it... Elve Jane... noted! :P


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