Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sigayan Beach... here I come!

In a few moments, our department is going to leave the company premises to enjoy the scorching summer heat, pristine water, white sand, and warm breeze of one of the many beaches in Batangas province. Last year our company went to Boracay, Iloilo and Guimaras... this year, we planned to go to a nearby beach due to limited time and budget... hehehe.. so we finally decided to go to Sigayan Beach Resort, located in Laiya, san Juan, Batangas!

I know I have a backlog Vigan, Ilocos Sur adventure blog entry, hehehe... but hey, a vacation is still a vacation... and an outing is still an outing! What the heck? Hahaha... The next time, maybe next week, hehehe, I will write all of my travel adventures here. So better stick around for that... and yeah... there's pictures!!! Hahaha... Ciao for now!

Photo credits: Sigayan Beach Resort website.


  1. astig! ang daming pumunta ng batangas ah.. hehehe

  2. @jehz: sinu-sino pa ang pumunta ng batangas? hehehhe... baka iisang resort lng ang napuntahan namin ah...

  3. post ka ng group pix yatot para makita ko naman yung mga nakaladkad mo :)

  4. @paparazzi: oh... naligaw kayo sir... heheehe.. i will, i will... kapag nakumpleto na ung mga pics from batangas outing... hhhhehehe

  5. Nice to come there at Boracay
    You can visit also
    Good day!^_^


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