Monday, August 11, 2008

The benefits of blogging

If you are just on a look out for reading blogs, then you might be missing the big opportunity that the blogging has to offer. Blogging is not just an online address that you frequently visits and read all the entries. It does not work that way. It is where people can interact, communicate and share information and knowledge to one another — can either be culture, thoughts, interests and others.

If you are not still into this very cool blogging community, then I think this is the right time for you to know the different benefits that blogging can do to your life. Below are some of the things that blogging might or can do to your life.

Blogging can...

• Improve your writing skills. People can write almost anything, but only a few of them can be called writers. Sadly, writing is not an everybody's talent. But blogging requires a writing skill, so if you blog more frequently, you can practice that writing ability in you through blogging and discover full potentials of your writing talent.

• Improve reading skills. By reading through different kinds and types of blogs, you can learn new words and vocabulary that is so Greek to you. Some blogs have the effort to upload how each word is being pronounced. Through blogging, you can discover alternative wordings that stressed on hierarchy of emotions or whatever. You may also discover that questioning is different from inquiring, interrogating or scrutinizing.

• Expand your network. Yes! You don't just create new friends by adding new online buddies, but you also create a solid foundation of network of friends where they can help you in future endeavors such as finding a new job, helping you with your website and other codes, or perhaps borrow or lend some money, hehehe. With blogging, you don't just mingle with your high school or college friends anymore. You are actually building a strong bond among your online buddies where you can have the same thoughts and ideas. Who doesn't want to belong to a group, right? With blogging, you are also connected with a different set of people and strangers that will help you realize that the world is always beyond your previous circle of friends. There are a lot of people in the world you know and most of them are online. Of course, a blogger should always know that no blogger is an island. Hehehe.

• Help you learn and discover new things. Blogging is all about sharing ideas and thoughts, embracing cultures and the arts, having good laughs, realizing different genres, sharing common interests, disclosing feelings, giving opinions, entrusting your everyday life happenings to the readers and others. By just reading a blog, you can learn and discover new things and new worlds that are odd or weird to you or can give you interest and even inspiration. Blogging is not just a trivial thing. It's a real world, only online.

• Help you earn something from it. Now this is the best part of blogging. You earn from it. Through different searchable keywords that will lead search engine to your blog/s, can help really make the difference in blogging. You earn while enjoying the experiences of blogging. Hey, the internet is a very big network you know. It is a series of interconnecting network of networks where everyone who has the access of it can actually become a potential money maker. But I won't talk any further regarding this because I am not an expert SEO blogger. I am just blogging because I love to write and share things that I know. Just like this one.

Well, if the above tips still did not convinced you to join the blogging bandwagon, well, the problem then is not with me. Hehehe. Blogging is such a beauty. It has its own power of convincing everyone to blog. If I can't convinced you to blog, let the power of blogging be with you! Hehehe. So there. The things that blogging can do for a blogger like me. I must admit, all of the above statements are true, for I am a living proof. Otherwise, I will not write those tips above if I did not experience it first hand, right? Now here's the tricky part. Did I forgot something? If you have any other blogging benefits in mind, please do leave a comment. Thank you for visiting and reading. Hehehe.

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  1. wow~ i've read it and it's really useful =)

  2. @jasmine: thanks for reading... come back soon! hehehe... :)


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