Friday, February 4, 2011

"Hanggang May Kailanman" (The Prinsipe Irvin Song)

I have been watching ABS-CBN's newest fantaserye offering on primetime entitled, "Mutya" starring Precious Lara Quigaman, Alfred Vargas, Jayson Gainza, and Ms. Sandy Andolong, and also ABS-CBN's newest child star discovery, Mutya Orquia in her very first ever starring role as Mutya, since it started last Monday, January 31, 2011. I can say that this fantaserye, so far, has a promise that will make televiewers hook on its story until the end.

During the pilot episode, I was bothered by the fact that Alfred Vargas, who plays as Prinsipe Irvin in the series, sang this very familiar song. It has been bothering me the moment he finished singing it because I am very sure that I have heard this song before in one of ABS-CBN's teleseryes. It took me four days to find out what's the title of the song and on what teleserye this particular song, sang by Alfred Vargas (also known as the merman/mermaid song), was used before it was used here in "Mutya".

After much research and prior knowledge of teleseryes and its soundtracks, I finally found the answer to all my questions and many sleepness night (hahaha! as if...)! The song that Alfred Vargas sang in the series Mutya was finally revealed here with much confidence and anticipation!

So, what is the title of Alfred Vargas' (Prinsipe Irvin's) song in "Mutya"?

The song that Alfred Vargas sang during the pilot episode of "Mutya" was first used as a theme song in ABS-CBN's korean drama "Forbidden Love" (Gumiho, Legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox) which stars Korea's superstars Kim Tae Hee and Jo Hyun Jae as the nine-tailed fox warrior and human detective, respectively. And so, I remembered... Hahaha! I love that korean series shown on ABS-CBN that's why I remembered this song by Prinsipe Irvin...

The song by Prinsipe Irvin also known as, Prinsipe Irvin song, is entitled, "Hanggang May Kailanman" originally sand and popularized by Carol Banawa. Below is Carol Banawa's version of "Hanggang May Kailanman" with lyrics. Enjoy! Finally, I can sleep now! Hahaha!

Below is another theme song from the fantaserye "Mutya" entitled "Sana" as sang by Mutya in the series. It was sang by Amy Nobleza (the brat little mermaid named Chabita) for Mutya Orquia. Enjoy listening!

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  1. it is also played in kristine

  2. @anonymous: thanks for that info! ^_^

  3. mas feel ko yung version sa mutya na bata ang kumakanta

  4. meron ba sa youtube na version ni mutya and prinsipe irvin?

  5. wala bang si mutya ang kumanta ?

  6. @anonymous 9:38AM:

    hindi ka ba marunong magbasa? sinabi na ngang si Amy Nobleza ung kumanta eh para kay Mutya.. nubayan...

  7. sana meron dyan yung kumakanta si mutya ng hangang may kailan man

  8. hi mutya... sana may teleserye ka na kac mis na mis na kita.gusto na kta makita sa tv. love u mutya! ur no.1 fan,,,isay

  9. hi princepe ervin

  10. hi prinsepe irvin kamustahin mo mutya ha.


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