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10 Music Video Love Songs (or something like it) From the 90s That Have Ridiculously Unnecessary Dance Steps

As I was doing a usual visit on the video-sharing website Youtube, it came to mind to search for some videos that made my childhood complete. It was a song from the 90s that I used to watch during my childhood days and somehow sang to it during those times. Then it struck me. As I watched every music video that I load, I saw a familiar pattern that were not really recognizable in the 90s. Most music videos that I watched have these unnecessary dance steps that when you watch it today, it's kinda annoying... but of course, they bring back colorful memories.

The 90s was such a colorful era in worldwide music industry because during this time, music videos were sprouting like crazy. Almost everyday, there were available new music videos on MTV Fresh. You know, that show on MTV where a newly-made music video is going to be seen for the first time, worldwide. Ah, forget it. MTV sucks now! MTV was way much cooler decades ago... Yeah.. I'm old.

Anyway, going back to memory lane, I reminisced the era that was 90s in the form of compiling some of the music videos that I have watched on youtube. Most of the songs here are love songs, the one that cries the heart out, pour out emotions, and tell "I love you" with melodies. But unfortunately, there are ridiculously unnecessary dance steps included in the music videos that you are going to see below. The music alone can stand on its own... I don't know until now it this is just a fad back then or not. Are you curious now, right? Well... read on! Here are my Top Ten Music Video Love Songs (or something like it) From the 90s That Have Ridiculously Unnecessary Dance Steps. Enjoy! A shoutout thanks to the uploaders and music video owners on Youtube!

10) "I'll Be There For You" by Solid HarmoniE

This four-member girl group from the 90s (which I cannot recognize their names until now) became popular with this hit single. I remember my classmates used to dance with this girl group whenever they saw this music video on MTV or Channel V. The song is about a girl's motivation to stay with the man she loves. Or maybe I'm wrong. Hahaha! Watch the music video now and see for yourself!

9) "What Good Is A Heart" by Code Red

Released in 1999, "What Good Is A Heart" remains one of my favorite songs from the boyband, Code Red. Forget about the crappy dance steps as they sing the chorus part, this song is about a man's struggle to win the heart of the woman she loves. Again, forget about the dance part! Hahaha!

8) "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" by Backstreet Boys

When this song by the famous BSB was released way back in 1996, the rumor about BSB member Nick Carter being a lesbian who has done a gender reassignment to become a male person was dropped and eventually put down the drain as well. This song is so hit back then not because of the sexy, wet look dance steps, but because BSB rocks!

7) "No Scrubs" by TLC

Who could not forget the legendary girl group TLC composed of T-Boz, Left-Eye, and Chilli as they make awesome and unforgettable music? Released in 1999, "No Scrubs" has become a hit single to girls who has a boyfriend for a well... scrub! In this music video, we can see a Zumba-like performance shot entirely in a closed studio/soundstage.

6) "One For Sorrow" by Steps

British coed band Steps was formed to give songs with... yes... you guessed it right! Steps! Dance steps in particular. But of course, with this list, Steps are not the only band group who specialized dancing while singing. Released in 1998, "One For Sorrow" is the follow up hit single to their debut single "Last Thing On My Mind" which music video also has dance steps.

5) "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's attempt to dance while singing turned out a bit awkward for all MC fans out there. The diva is known to sing melodies and love songs and do a whistling tune once in a while, but she doing a dance step gave mixed emotions during that time. But she survived it anyway... she gave something new to her flavor.

4) "As Long As You Love Me" by Backstreet Boys

Perhaps, this is one of BSB's most popular music videos they have ever made. When this music video was released in 1997, girls screaming their hearts out were literally dropped their jaws because of the crisp details of the music video and the technology used during that time was really awesome! In here, BSB also used props while dancing.

3) "Waterfalls" by TLC

This is TLC's second entry on the list, and yes... you can't blame me. They have unnecessary dance steps included in the music video. "Waterfalls" was TLC's biggest hit ever. The song is so good, it is still significant to listen to its lyrics and music. The bouncing dance steps during the chorus made the video, well, complicated. I can't seem to find words. Hahaha!

2) "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys

This is BSB's third entry on the list making them the king of all music videos with ridiculously unnecessary dance steps! Actually, before posting this, I reviewed the music video first to check if the group really dance. I saw Kevin Richardson doing a minimalist dance step so I thought that was it... until you reached 1:38 of the music video. Released in 1999, this song by BSB became a hit also during their airtime!

1) "Sometimes" by Britney Spears

But no... BSB's power is no match to the crappiness that Britney Spears brought in her music video, "Sometimes" making her on top of the list. The song itself is a good song. It's about a girl's dilemma about his crush or man of her dreams. But the worst part came when they dance... especially forming a heart towards the end of the video. Crap, crap, crap! Truly unnecessary indeed!

I hope you do like my list and spending at least 30 minutes of your time reading this. Do you have another music video on your list with ridiculously unnecessary dance steps on it? Kind to share to the comments section below so that we can include them on the next list is there will be! Hahaha!

Meanwhile, below is the music video from the British boyband Westlife entitled, "I Lay My Love On You" which did not make it on the list. The single was released some time in 2001. Enjoy!

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