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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Kick Ass 2"

Kick Ass
The sequel to the comic book movie adaptation of "Kick Ass" has already been shown in movie houses and theaters almost a month ago and most of us, including myself, have watched it with much hype and anticipation. I really love how "Kick Ass 2" was done. I think most of you would agree to me that this is a better "Kick Ass" movie than the first one. However, despite the movie's "has been shown" status, it is not always the reason not to watch "Kick Ass 2." The movie's DVD version will be coming out soon, and once again, the hype that is "Kick Ass" will be alive again.

So, if you are worried whether you want to watch this movie or not, well, here is my list of reasons why you should watch "Kick Ass 2" on the much anticipated release of its DVD version.

My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Kick Ass 2"

1) "Kick Ass 2" is based on not just one but two comic books!

Yes! You heard it right! According to the movie's credits, Kick Ass 2 is based on two comic books, Kick Ass 2 and Hit Girl both by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The movie is a combination of two comic books where the story of the modern-day superhero wannabe, Kick Ass, continues to become the superhero he wanted to be. Meanwhile, Hit Girl is on the verge of choosing between her responsibility as an ordinary teenage girl living a normal life with her guardian and her life as a crime-fighting street superhero. The good thing about this, you don't have to wait for a Hit Girl spin off franchise, although that will be a great idea! Maybe on the third installment, it will be now called Hit Girl, after all, the Kick Ass comic book is not really about Kick Ass himself. It is Mindy aka Hit Girl who has a back story in the comic book series. I thank you.

2) Hit Girl is really a hit!

Did I just change my costume from the first movie?
I guess puberty has done a right thing to this little girl we all know who kicks some butts (aka ass) in the streets. Chloë Grace Moretz who plays Hit Girl is much more beautiful than the first installment of the movie franchise. In this sequel, we can see that Mindy Macready aka Hit Girl not only developed into a little lady, but she also developed some feelings towards his crime-fighting partner Dave Lizewski aka Kick Ass played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. And oh, nice curves you got there Chloe!

3) Jim Carrey is here!

Even though Jim Carrey stopped promoting this movie during its promotions, and the movie production felt that the movie lacked support from the actor, Jim Carrey is still Jim Carrey. He is a big star since The Mask, and I love him so much for his wild, out-of-this-world acting ideas. He is the actor who always reinvents himself, from a serious actor in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," to his numerous supporting role performances including his latest character being a street magician in the recently concluded film "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." The point is, Jim Carrey is a great character actor and he, becoming part of this film was truly an awesome experience to watch and never miss.

4) Kick Ass is better than ever!

Well... if we are to rate the physical aspects of Kick Ass in the first movie, yes, we can say that Kick Ass in this second installment is much better than he looked in the first movie. Aaron Taylor Johnson has improved a lot from the skinny actor that he was in the first movie to the well-toned physique he has in this sequel. Maybe it has something to do with Aaron Taylor Johnson's marriage... and oh, did I mention, he is only 23 years old! Now, what was I when I was 23? Ooohh.. a corporate slave! Hahaha!

5) Justice Forever Rules!

If it wasn't for Justice Forever, Kick Ass 2 will not ever originate. In this sequel, people are much aware now of what Kick Ass has done in the first installment of the movie, and this is by pioneering a real-life superhero on the streets of the metro. Justice Forever was formed because people was inspired of what Kick Ass has done. In "Kick Ass 2," a lot of people became an everyday superhero, formed a formidable team led by Captain Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey). Now, it if that did not include in the list, I really don't what kind of viewers are you? Hahaha!

So there. My five reasons why you should watch "Kick Ass 2" even if it is already on DVD viewing. I do hope to see more of the action scenes of Kick Ass in the third installment of the movie... that is... if there will be!

Kick Ass and Hit Girl in the first movie
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