Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sam Milby's controversial "behind" exposure leaked!?

It's been a while since a local actor exposed his behind on Philippine television, right? Remember Geoff Eigenmann? Well, another Filipino actor is said to be on another look out (or looking forward to see whatever it is) for exposing his "behind" on Philippine TV. Yes! You have read the title right! It's none other than SAM MILBY! I don't know if it is a promotional video or a leaked from the production team or if it is Sam Milby or not. The video said is from the new fantaserye of ABS-CBN, Dyosa, starring the beautiful actress Anne Curtis. Sam Milby, the butt-naked guy (video after the click) is said to play the role of Adonis, the evil entity who is tasked to kill Josephine (Anne Curtis) to stop her from fulfilling her destiny to become DYOSA. Anyway, the said controversial "behind" (yes, in layman's term it's butt!) exposure of Sam Milby follows.

Sam Milby's allegedly (?) leaked butt-naked exposure from the production of DYOSA video.

Here's the video link from youtube! Check out their comments! Hahaha! Well guys... what do you think? Was it really Sam Milby's "behind" in the video? Or was it really Sam Milby after all? Wahahaha... Oh man... I sound like a gossip whore! I think it is not only Anne Curtis who bares some skin in this fantaserye! I heard even Luis Manzano bared some skin, too! Hahahaha... You guys better watch that out! Hahaha...! I really sounded like a gossip whore. I hate it. Well, this is only to fire up some controversy about the video so that you, the readers of this blog, can react from what have already scene, este seen! Wahaahha... 

For the record, I did not watch DYOSA's pilot episode because my family was glued watching the DVD version of They Kissed Again (It Started with a Kiss Part 2)! Hehehe.

So again, what do you think guys, was it really Sam Milby's behind? You analyze and decide!

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  1. hahaha nag-comment ako sa youtube video.

    to be honest, i dont think that's him though.

  2. @jamie: ive read your comment on youtube... hahhaha... yah... everybody thinks that is not sam milby's butt... hahahahha...


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