Friday, August 15, 2008

Waiting for some signs of love!?

Agree or disagree with me but most Filipinos living in the Philippines actually believe in different love signs. And I guess this situation is also suited for hopeless romantics all over the world, whatever nationality, culture, religion and beliefs. In fact, some men and women stay as singles (and virgins) because these people are still waiting for some signs of love not knowing that this kind of attitude or characteristics is so high school, no scientific or religious bases and are nonsense. Hehehe. Am I right with this?

And so I have checked the internet for some meanings of love signs but only the horoscope sections appeared. Anyway, I will just give my own definition to that. Love signs are things that are meant to be wished (wishful thinking) by lonesome or hopeless romantic people in search for true and meaningful love. Funny, but it is true.

The reason why I tackled about love signs is because of today's letter sender here on love diaries. It's the every other Friday once again so it's time for another loving here in my blog. Hehehe. The topic for today's letter sender is none other than love signs and a woman's waiting in vain. Let see Anne's story.

Dear Love Diaries,

I've been dealing with love signs as soon as I realized that there is such a word as LOVE. I remember my friends would always told me that love signs were nothing but just a waste of time. According to them, love signs would only make me wait for someone for a very long period of time.

I never cared much to what they said to me back then. All I know was that I believe in different love signs that will make me fall in love with someone. Love signs gave me the thrills and excitement of having a love one and being loved in return. I was a hopeless romantic, I guess.

Different love signs on different occasions always make me happy especially when each of them come true. I told my friends that when the right man come, I knew it would be him, the right one, of the signs (all of them) the I wished came true. Signs such as, I wanted my date to wear a long sleeve stripes with no collar, shiny belt buckle and brown shoes are always on top of my demands. I usually have five things to consider to meet Mr. Right that changes periodically. I am just demanding for what I think suitable for my taste. I think.

Years passed by, I still hold the virtue (?) of believing for love signs. I went to college, I graduated and now I am working and earning some bread on my own effort. I'm already 26 years old but still, I am single and still believes in love signs. My co-workers know my kind of fascinations.

One day, a female co-worker asked me why I'm still single. I told her that I asked for signs for true love. She said I was pathetic, but cares with what she said. I told her my five signs for true love:
(1) I must spill him a cup coffee espresso on his long sleeves, unintentionally;
(2) He must brake a pencil in front of me;
(3) He must ask me with some tissues to wipe off his shoes;
(4) He must stop for a dog walking by her pet owner to brush its head fur; and
(5) It's a secret.

If you think that's exciting enough, get a load of these. For the past weeks, I constantly meeting the same guy, unintentionally and showed me the signs of love that I am waiting for. I remember we first met in the office where he asked for some tissues to wipe off his dirty shoes due to rain outside the building. The next thing was that when I accidentally bumped him at a coffeeshop corner where I accidentally spilled him my coffee over his long sleeves and so on. His name is Allan, nice name by the way.

I thought everything was okay and everything are doing well and that Allan is the right one for me and that this is it — true love! But things got a little more complicated when Allan told me the truth. He said that he knew my co-worker and that he was interested in meeting me so he talked to our officemate to whom I disclosed my love signs for true love. I got mad. I was angry — at myself, at Allan and at my officemate — I don't know what to do. I never thought I had fallen into their trap. And to think that I am already investing some feelings towards them.

The next day, Allan said sorry, but I won't forgive him for doing such. He said he will make it up to me and will never give up until I forgive him and accepted his apologies. After two weeks of saying sorry, on that Friday evening, Allan brought with him a bouquet of beautifully arranged white and pink tulips.

I swear to God I never told anyone my 5th sign in search of true love. Never. But how did he know that? I never even liked tulips or even show some signs that I like them, but it's my fifth love sign. I just wanted my 5th sign to be very special and quite expensive. Now I'm confused.

Please help me with my decisions regarding this. Thank you for reading my letter.


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