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UPDATE: ABS-CBN's "Ikaw Lamang" Book 1 Ending: How It Ended?

ABS-CBN's epic period drama teleserye, "Ikaw Lamang" Book 1 has come to an end (winning their five-month run), but wait there's more, as their "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2 teaser trailer says, "the end is only the beginning" will finally unfold next week! New set of characters, new plots, and new twists of events are expected to happen as "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2 awaits the televiewers.

About "Ikaw Lamang" Book 1

"Ikaw Lamang" Book 1 spans three arcs of stories which were unfolded during its run: from 1) Elena-Eduardo-Miranda love triangle, to the 2) childhood days of Samuel, Isabelle, Mona, and Franco, up to the 3) adulthood days of the four main characters that were set in the 1950's up to the early 1980's. The events that had happened in the past will be very significant in the present as "Ikaw Lamang" opens it's Book 2 in the coming days. In the Book 2 era, the third generation of Severinos and Hidalgos will continue its epic war of greed, power, deceitfulness, tragedy, and love.

In this fourth arc of "Ikaw Lamang" (Book 2), the son of Samuel, Gabriel, will grow into an adult who will fall in love with Andrea, daughter of Isabelle. Natalia, the first daughter of Isabelle, will make the lives of the two miserable. Samuel, Isabelle, and Franco will grow into adults who are in their late 50's or probably in their 60's. As a new arc of storyline reveals, new set of characters will also be added in "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2.

But what happened in "Ikaw Lamang" Book 1? Let's do a recap:

During the Book 1 of "Ikaw Lamang," a lot of things had happened. Here are some of the events of the past that might help in the events of the present time generation. (Note: item 1 is a back story only.)

1) Elena and Eduardo had an affair. When Maximo found out that Elena was pregnant, he manipulated a robbery that led to Elena's unfortunate imprisonment and then later on, an exile away from the town of Salvacion. Eduardo married Miranda, Maximo's daughter, without Eduardo knowing that Elena was pregnant to his son who will later known as Samuel.

2) Years later, Elena came back to Salvacion, along with her family and her only son, Samuel, due to some economic reasons. The Severinos came back as obreros in sacadas (seasonal sugar plantation workers). They were hired by Don Gonzalo.

3) The young Samuel met the young Isabelle during a fire in the sugar plantation. Days before this event had happened, Samuel and Franco were already friends. Samuel rescued Isabelle in the fire but it was Franco who claimed to rescue Isabelle. The truth was revealed by the help of Governor Eduardo and found out that it was Samuel who really rescued Isabelle. The feud between Samuel and Franco began during these times.

4) A few days later, Isabelle was brought to London to begin her study abroad. Franco planned a trip to London and find a school there. He knew that Isabelle was going to study there. Several years later, Isabelle and Franco came back, Franco proposed to Isabelle but was rejected. Isabelle fell in love with Samuel, but Franco hindered their love in a lot of ways. Eventually, Franco got Isabelle due to their family's debt and to save their family's land ownership.

5) Before Isabelle and Franco's wedding, Samuel planned an escaped. Samuel and Isabelle eloped and went to another town far away from Salvacion. But unfortunate things happened, Maximo's followers found their location and kidnapped Samuel. In order to save Samuel's life, Isabelle was forced to marry Franco. Franco later on found out his true identity --  he was the real and only son of Governor Eduardo Hidalgo to Elena Severino. Things later changed for Samuel's life.

6) When Samuel found out the marriage of Franco and Isabelle, he was depressed. Mona, Samuel's lifetime friend comforted him and something happened to them. Mona got pregnant, Samuel married her later on. Isabelle found out and got depressed. Mona and Isabelle gave birth at the same time. Mona's son, Gabriel was kidnapped by Don Gonzalo, Isabelle's father, for ransom, but was rescued by her. Gabriel was returned to Mona and Samuel. Mona got jealous of Isabelle's love for Samuel. Then Mona and Samuel went to Manila to study and have a quiet life.

7) Several years later, Mona and Samuel went back to Salvacion due to his father's (still Governor Eduardo) invitation to his wedding with Samuel's mother, Elena. Years before that, Eduardo's wife, Miranda was shot by his own father, Maximo as he was chasing Don Gonzalo in the woods. This event led to the departure of Samuel and Mona to Manila. Meanwhile, Franco was now the Mayor of Salvacion. When Samuel visited his friends at the sugar plantation, he found out the scam that Mayor Franco was doing. The funds that was supposed to be for the obreros were used by Franco in other ways.

8) When Samuel found out the poor situation of the obreros, this event led to Samuel's candidacy for governor to help the poor people of Salvacion. But Maximo was determined to perish Samuel and his family. During the election process, Samuel's wife Mona was shot in an ambush and died. They knew Maximo was behind all the mishaps that happened with the Severinos, so Eduardo was determined to track down Maximo's location and had him arrested. When they found Maximo's location, Eduardo and some of the policemen were killed by Maximo in a raid. Samuel was spared but Eduardo's life wasn't.

9) Maximo was shot and had a hospital arrest. When Maximo was detained, he knew he will never likely to get out, so he faked his death by committing suicide. Maximo was placed inside a coffin along with his wealth. But Don Gonzalo found out this plan through Isabelle, and immediately went to hunt for his whereabouts. When Gonzalo and Paquito (Gonzalo's trusted follower) had known Maximo's whereabouts, they had Maximo tasted his own medicine by burying him alive with live venomous snakes inside his coffin.

10) Meanwhile, a plan to escape Isabelle from Franco's hands was executed. Franco was now in manhunt for Samuel and his family's whereabouts. He has given a reward money to anyone who will pinpoint their location. Will Samuel's and Isabelle's family escape this Salvacion-wide manhunt?

11) Rebecca and Gonzalo were caught by Franco and his team. Franco held the two to tell the truth about Isabelle's whereabouts. Rebecca spilled it out by telling Franco that he won't be able to reach Isabelle because the ship going to Manila has already left. But since Franco was the governor of Salvacion, he made the ship delayed for awhile. He asked one of this followers to put some bombs inside the ship and blast it off to its wreckage. Meanwhile, Isabelle was worried about her parents while she handled Natalia's tantrums.

12) Natalia finally got out of the ship while having a tantrum. As she went down the ship, Franco was climbing up and found Isabelle and Natalia. Franco grabbed Natalia while Isabelle begged for her. Franco asked Isabelle to give Natalia to her. Franco was hesitant but instead let Isabelle choose between her going back to the ship or her parents lives. Isabelle chose the latter, but thought of Andrea who was left inside the ship with the Severinos. Isabelle went back inside with her parents in a struggle to win Natalia with Franco. Franco won and let Isabelle get inside the ship.

13) Isabelle was worried about Natalia's future to Franco. She has a hint why did Franco let them go easily along with Samuel and the Severinos. Finally, a blast in the ship occurred. There was shipwrecked. The people inside the ship hurried out to the open sea to save their own lives. Many got hurt including Isabelle's parents and the Severinos. Meanwhile, Andrea was accidentally given by Elena to a couple of strangers that were inside a boat for the rescue. The last scene was Gabriel seeing left alone in the open sea with a life vest crying hopelessly.

Whew! Now that's a recap for the whole "Ikaw Lamang" Book 1! However, we are not yet finished to this twists and turns of events to the love story of Samuel and Isabelle. On Monday, August 11, a new beginning will be unfolded. If we are going to base on the "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2 Cast teaser trailer, we already know that Samuel and Isabelle are alive, but what we didn't know if their love story has continued or not, or if Franco won this time. And what will happen to Natalia, Andrea, and Gabriel?

Continue to watch "Ikaw Lamang" on ABS-CBN as its story comes to their Book 2 which will start with the above-mentioned unfortunate events of stories.

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