Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dimsum Break's Wanton Noodles

It was one of those rainy October nights before going home from work when I went to SM North EDSA Annex to eat dinner. I was soaking wet due to heavy rains outside so I went inside the mall to let the rain settle down a bit before I went to ride the bus going home but that wasn't going to happen in an hour or two. Because of this, I decided to eat something since I was already hungry, and made myself warm by eating something hot.

I strolled the mall and found Dimsum Break. I got excited to eat because I was really craving for something that will warm my stomach. As soon as I entered their store, I immediately ordered their Wanton Noodles and a bowl of what they called, steamed fried rice. By the looks of the photo above, you might say it's delicious, but according to my instagram account's review of this photo, it was telling us otherwise. Here's what my review of Dimsum Break's Wanton Noodles from my instagram account.

dimsum break's wanton noodles has this hint of knorr chicken cubes with some drops of sesame oil to tweak the taste a little bit... thanks for the chili garlic that serves as it('s) saving grace. not ideal for noodle food enthusiasts... (Source)

After that eating, I never ate Dimsum Break's Wanton Noodles again. I might try their other dishes soon. But for now, eating their wanton noodles is far from happening again.


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