Friday, August 8, 2014

Jamba Juice Yogurt Drinks

It's a very rare occasion that we meet the schedule of one of our high school friends due to her very fortunate job opportunity that lets her travel around the world (yes, it is work-related and yes, there is such a thing! hahaha). So, when we got the chance to meet her, it's really a whole day event!

There was one time when Ian and I, met with Meann after a movie press screening in Makati. We called and met her, then we went to a museum, and went somewhere to eat. Meanwhile, on this occasion, we met Meann with another high school friend. It was a Saturday and we are free of doing whatever we want to do.

The four of us met somewhere in Trinoma and ate lunch. Then, stroll the mall, went to another mall, and finally went somewhere. We went to a Comic Con somewhere in Pasig. The day went well and as planned. But before heading to the Comic Con event, I offered to buy them some Jamba Juice Yogurt drinks.

Jamba Juice Yogurt drinks are healthy drinks due to the presence of fresh fruits and yogurt blended together to become a cold refreshing drink. It's a bit pricey (yes, expensive!) for a drink that is something healthy. I can drink Fruitas blended drinks and drink something healthy but still at a price lower than P100, but Jamba Juice Yogurt drinks were really a roller-coaster experience. It's tasty, it's delicious, it's refreshing... there was no doubt about it... but it is not something for the broke, the poor, and the unfortunate ones...

Let's face it. Jamba Juice Yogurt drinks are really delicious and healthy (it can actually help in the process of digestion), I can still remember the taste of strawberries on my drinks that day, but for a price similar to that of a Starbucks Grande, I really don't know... I might have a second look before buying another one for my own. By the way, the four Jamba Juice Yogurt drinks above were my treat! Hahaha!


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