Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Some inside (not-so) juicy scoops on the 2009 Influential Bloggers Awards Awards!

Hold your horses now, because you haven't read it all! Yes! Apparently, our juicy spies has done it again! Although it has been more than a week now since the Emerging Influential Blog Awards of 2009 Awarding Ceremony Night, the juicy inside gossips and details before, during and after the event were somehow listed below. But don't expect too much because everything might be all a make-believe write up! Hahahaha!

Before the event:

• It was August 8, the morning before the event. Doc Z, texted me to hurry up because our blogger friend Jan Geronimo was waiting for our arrival somewhere. I said yes, we agreed to meet at 1:30 PM. Prior this, Jan and Doc Z had an exchange of text messages and agreed to meet after lunch. I did not know that Jan's lunch was 10:30 AM. He texted Doc Z at the agreed meeting place at 12:00 NN. Suddenly, I felt stressed out.

• Doc Z texted me to hurry up because Jan was having a hard time waiting for us. He was waiting for almost two hours when we arrived at 1:30 PM. As I said before, who eats lunch at 10:30 AM? Hahaha...

• Finally, we met Jan along the highway. All blackened with dirt and pollution. Okay I was kidding. Hehehe. Jan seated at the back of the pick-up that was our ride for that day. I was sitting on the passenger's seat. Obviously, Doc Z was driving. Traffic.

• On our way to Mall of Asia for the first meet-up with the other bloggers, I toured Jan to the sight of Manila, although the site was really not that beautiful, seeing the Smokey Mountain was a hideous experience, believe me, I tried.

• I was surprised to find out that Jan actually arrived here in Manila on a door-to-door basis! Meaning, he was shipped inside a box! Amazing... O_O

• Mall of Asia. We were the first group to arrive to our first pit stop before the event. Time check: 2:00 PM. As they say, early bird catches the early worms, yes, it's true... however, we caught dinoflagellates and amoeba from Manila Bay's illnesses factory!

• Thirty minutes or so had passed a new set of bloggers came. They come in twos, sometimes in ones, after a few more hours a new breed of bloggers was born. Presenting the Influenza Bloggers:

Photo courtesy of Doc Z

I won't name them, because the elite circle's members' names are highly confidential. If you want an inside scoop on this elite circle of bloggers, you may click here for juicy details.

During the event:

• And so, after that chit-chats in the Mall of Asia, we headed straight to the venue at PAGCOR's Casino Filipino in Parañaque.

• Registration. There were a bunch of beautiful ladies at the reception area where the registration was held. Stop. Wait. Register. Were the usual scenario during the registration. But no... lo and behold... Doc Z was doing something else... she was actually talking to the lady receptionist!!! His first attempt after several years of abstinence!

• I finally met Batang Yagit on the hallway. Nice meeting you, Wins!

• The inside of PAGCOR was a huge place for Ca**** lovers... I was amazed by the looks of it! The plenary hall where the event was held was different. Cozy and sophisticated. I never saw a hall with such playing card table where I mock play Lucky nine... and there were also some slot machines! Hahahha...

• Each blogger said their names and their blogs or websites. I said I was blogging at walangpambilingdomain.com.

• We sat near the buffet table. How was that for table location? Hahaha...

• I finally meet Ms. Janette Toral... she was shocked upon seeing me... (people always do that to me.. I wonder why? Hahahha... even the influenza bloggers did that! aaaww!). Of course I congratulated her for a job well done!

• Eating time.

• After the eating time, the program started. But before that, I went to the comfort room to find out that there is a supply of A-String-O-Sol mouthwash and alcohol! Where on earth can you find a supply of mouthwash and alcohol inside a bathroom? Aaahhh... "Iba-blog ko 'to (I will blog this) was the only thing I said. Wahahhaha...

• For those who are asking who emerged as the winners to the 2009 Emerging Influential Blogs... here are the winners in their particular order:

1. Jan Geronimo of Writing to Exhale
2. Jehzlau and friends of Patay Gutom
3. Roy of The Struggling Blogger
4. Doc Z of Zorlone
5. Angel Cuala of Father Blogger dot Com
6. Kelvin Servigon of Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0
7. Dee of Tales from the Mom Side
8. Ada of Adaphobic
9. Winston of Lakwatsero
10. Sago of Let's Go Sago!

• After the event, we used our free coupons from PAGCOR and we bet to a near-by betting game in the Ca**** hehehe... unfortunately, luck was not on our side.

After the event:

• After the event, some of the influenza bloggers went to a bar in Makati... Cable Car that is near Arnaiz in Makati to well... drink some beer. They actually ordered a tower! Hahaha... I only drank a mug and a half... Sorry guys, I am not into drinking beer... I am more of a wine person... Hahahha...

• We sang our hearts out to the bar's videoke lounge upstairs. Some of us agreed to sing because our throat was really on the itch to do a song number. Wahahaha. Here are some of the songs that was sang with their respective singer:

Angel Cuala of fatherblogger.com — "Careless Whisper" (with dance number ala Hayden Kho!!!)

Lyle Ham of iamlyle.com — "With or Without You" (in fairness to lyle he reached a fret... hehehe)

Doc Z of Zorlone — "Magbalik" by Callalily (Doc Z was actually crying when singing this song! okay i'm kidding... I heard sobs eh... sorry... hahhahha)

Yatot (that's me!) — I sang "Overjoyed" and I forgot my other songs! Damn!

Roel of bloggista.com — he sang a lot of songs... I can't remember one of them... hehehe

Completing the attendance were:

Novs of ceblogger.com and Boni of thirdworldgeek. Both of them played billiards. Kill joy people! hahahhah!

We finished our sessions at 3:00 in the morning. But if you think we are already done with it, you are wrong!!! We went to a 24-hour restaurant (without Angel this time) to eat (or drink) soup... a tradition of Visayan beer drinkers. Now that's a trivia! Hahaha! Lyle said that most Visayan beer drinkers look for soups or soup-based dish I think this is become a bit sober. There might no scientific basis on that, but I actually ate an authentic La Paz Batchoy! The 24-hour restaurant is located somewhere in Makati.

Finally, we went home and separated our ways. Doc Z, Lyle and I went straight to Doc Z's house, which has a big LCD TV from Dubai (wahehhehe, sorry I have to mention that) and a very cozy place. It was already 5:00 AM when we reached Doc Z's humble abode. I went home at 7:00 AM. Whew! That's it! My fingers are so freaking tired of typing! This was a very long blog entry! Hahahha... See yah until the next eyeball!

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  1. Huh? Lunch at 10:30 AM? Sobra naman yan, friend. Waaah. Ano kaya,sobrang lapit nun pickup point from where I came from. Deny pa kayo ni Doc Z, you changed the sked di nyo ako inupdate of the change. Hmmmp.

    Buti naman nakilala nyo pa ako sa kalye e mukhang taong grasa na ako dun sa alikabok at usok. Ahehehe.

    Top secret ba ang composition ng influenza bloggers? Bat complete with pictures. lols

    Nice meeting you, Yatot. Ako di na shock ng makita kita. That's true. :)

  2. @Jan: uu top secret ang creation nun... wahahha... sobrang aga mo talaga... kaya nga kami na-stress ni doc z eh... hehehhe... see yah soon!

  3. hehe. natawa ako sa post mo, very detailed ah! very juicy din. wahehe! akala ko ilalagay mo dito ang photo mo habang nananalo ka sa mock gambling sessions? hehe.

  4. @reyjr: ung picture na yun... sa akin na lang yun! aaaww.. post ko sa facebook ko hahahhhah!

    see yah all on monday! loooonng weekend ahead!!! wala akong pasok bukas QC day, sa thurs VL, sa friday, ninoy day, then saturday and sunday!

    leave lng ng comments! ciao! see yah soon!

  5. I hope I can join a blogger activity too, eyeball or otherwise.

  6. Ahhhh, ikaw pala 'yung kinukwento sa akin ni Lyle, :P

    Nice meeting you :D

  7. daig daw ng maagap ang masipag..ha ha ha...ang aga ni jan at ang sipag nyo naman.he he he.

  8. Talaga naman palang juicy itong news flash mo, pre. Ngayon alam ko na na ang aga pala ng lunch ni Most Influential.

  9. killjoy? next time i'll sing Bayan Ko! haha. i lost all games to Boni. MY magic shots in billiards didn't work.

    ang gagaling kasi ninyo kumanta.

  10. Ang saya saya ng grupo ninyo. Napansin ko lang wala si Roy? he he he...

    Nice meeting all the influenza bloggers through your post. Hurray to all of you.

    And nice meeting you too Yatot! (through your post and pics) Mabuhay Ka!

  11. Hey Yatot! You were the charming guy and our gem that night. Heheh. It was a pleasure hanging out with you guys. Till next EB.

  12. @pinoygossipboy: join ka din soon! masaya ang blogging offline events... hehehhe!

    @madz: na-curious tuloy ako kung ano ung pinag-usapan nyo ni lyle... wahahhaha... thanks for visiting!

    @everlito: hehehe... sobrang aga talaga ni jan! hahahha

    @luke: hahahha... uu! siguro nasanay sa lunch nila sa mindoro... ehhehehe...

    @ceblogger: ahhahhaa... sige i'll wait for you to sing sa susunod! hehehe

    @mam jena: si sir roy po umuwi agad... hehehe... may kasamang mga bata... at si jan... see yah soon!

    @bloggista: aaawww! thanks! charming daw oh! hahaha... nice meeting din you and all of the influenza bloggers!

  13. Anak ng tinapa, ang hirap kapag blocked ang blogger blog mo sa office eh, di ako makatambay dito sayo,e ehehh!!

    So this is it! Buti na lang di ako nalaglag sa post mo ah...ehehe!

    Careless whisper ata kinanta nyo dun eh ehehehe!

  14. @elmot: si angel lang ang kumanta ng Careless Whispers... hahhaha

  15. Hi Yatot. Now you got me thinking if I was really shocked when I met you. I think that is my usual reaction if I get to meet a blogger for the first time. My eyes (kahit maliit) open wide for meeting new bloggers in the community, especially the active ones. I can't forget your introduction. I wonder if that url is still available. Hehehe...
    But seriously, nice to finally meet you Yatot. =)

  16. @mam Janette: Hi ms. Janette... hehehe... dont worry much... kasi everyone is always in a shock whenever I met them offline! nyahahhaha! beats me... i wonder why? la la la la la... =D

  17. Sorry for being absent here... waaaaa... ang dami kong na miss.

    Teka, bakit parang nabubulunan ako habang binabasa koa ng post na ito...

    di ko na nga uulitin ang mga sinabi mo. LOL

    Yatot, it was a pleasure to finally meet you. From your FB pics, di na ako nagulat nung nagkita tayo. Alam ko naman na nickname mo yun e.

    Kelan ba tayo ulit magkikita kita? Soon? para tayong di magkapitbahay ano?

    He he he.

    Sarap basahin ang post mo paulit ulit.

  18. @zorlone: wahehehe... napag-uusapan ka lang... hahahha... ayusin natin ang skeds natin para magmeet ulet tau... at itaon mong may pera ako para hindi problema ang KKB.. hahahha...

  19. wooot! may post ka pala neto. .ngayon ko lang nabasa. waaaaaaaaaaaaah! hehehe. :D


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