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How to Gain More Blog Email Readers?

Okay. Now, here's a situation where most bloggers can relate to. You've been blogging for quite a long time now, but the thing is, you still don't have that much blog readers. Your feedburner tells you that you only have, for instance, five (5) blog readers, which is very much depressing on the blogger's part. Here's another thing where your visitors per day won't even surpass a month's calendar. You felt that you are so tired of blogging, you can't even type a word anymore. Is this the end for your blogging career?

No Blog is an Island

Really! Blogging is supposed to be an interaction between a reader and the blog author. The thing is, the blog author writes, the blog reader reads then subscribes if he/she wanted for more updates. What keeps a blog alive is the readers and of course, aside from the comments the blog author receives. Seeing a feedburner button's number jumps everyday is such a wonderful experience to a blog owner, right? But yours... it's not really happening! You tell yourself that you suck at blogging... BIG TIME!

No blog is really an island. Nobody blogs alone. The secrets to a blog's success are always have a big portion on (1) visiting other blogs; (2) reading different blog entries; (3) subscribing to a blog; and (4) connecting to blogs by constant writing of comments. In these ways, a blog author is enticing everyone who reads his/her blog to a meaningful online discussion/s.

How to gain more email readers?
As of this moment, my blog's feedburner button (located at the side bar) plays at 100 to 110 blog readers (depending on a day's schedule). But it doesn't mean that I only have 100 readers or more. It would mean that feedburner now catches 100 reading platforms — from google readers to email subscribers — of which almost 40+ percent of the total readers/subscribers makes up the email subscribers. So how did I do it? Here is a tip on how to gain more blog email readers: WRITE THEM A PERSONAL LETTER!

Yes! I actually write personal letter of appreciation to my email subscribers who did not verify their email accounts. Since they have chosen to subscribe via email, Feedburner requires people to verify their respective email addresses! Otherwise, they will not receive any email blog entries from me.

I am usually generous in terms of subscription because I do have a full blog entry for my subscribers. I don't want people to read only summary of my blog posts. It's okay with me if they only read my blog posts through their email. It's why feedburner is made up that way, isn't is?

So, if you are reading this via email, you can be assured that this blog entry is in FULL TEXT, not just the summary or some sort. For those who are curious what did I write to my email subscriber who did not verify their email address, I am very much glad to share it with you! Just see the following:

Hi there subscriber,

Thank you for choosing to subscribe on my blog's email subscription at You are receiving this email because I want to personally thank you for doing such action. Don't worry much because the email subscription is FREE of charge... even my blog's RSS feeds are also FREE of charge. This service is brought to you by Feedburner.

However, according to my feed's email manager, you have not yet verified your email address as to what Feedburner has sent to you in their email. The email by Feedburner only verifies your email address for you to continue receiving my blog entry via email alerts. If not verified, you will still not receive any of my blog posts now or in the future.

If you wish to verify your email address, you may want to look for it on your spam mails or bulk mails folder or in the previous emails in your inbox. If you wish to continue to subscribe and have lost email somewhere in your inbox, you may want to renew your subscription at this link —> and don't forget to verify your email address.

If you wish not to continue receiving email alerts, don't worry, it's okay with me, too! Hehehe...

Again, thanks again for choosing to subscribe at my blog at !

Sincerely yours,


Do you have a style on how to gain more email readers or subscribers in particular? Share it with us by writing them on the comments section. Readers of this blog would highly appreciate it! Thanks for dropping by! ^_^

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  1. I definitely need this tip. I'm also a numbers person and it's true what you said that it's nice to see the numbers go up.

  2. I was going to ask you about this pero ginawa mo nang post. Mas ok!

    I think I will be using this in the future. Andami nang unverified sa mga email subscribers ko. 65 na.

  3. panalo ang tip nato, maraming friendship sa blooging, pamatay homesick ika nga nila!

  4. You said these:
    (1) visiting other blogs; (2) reading different blog entries; (3) subscribing to a blog; and (4) connecting to blogs by constant writing of comments.

    Blogging is a two way traffic. Don't expect followers if yourself is not following. Anyway, nice article.

  5. @luke: who's not into numbers, anyway? hahaha.. numbers make the world go loco! if not for them, then there's no mathematical operation.. LOLs... thanks for the comment!

    @richie: it really helps when you write email readers personal email for verification... my subscribers really went up! yung iba nga lang, na-me-Mailer Daemon kasi maling email address ung binigay... pero it really helps!

    @ever: thanks! you should try this once in a while.. hehehe... pero maglagay ka muna ng feedburner sa blog mo... FREE naman ang feedburner eh... hehehe...

    @Blog Tactic: It's true! that's why I have put those things above.. thanks for the comment!

  6. Friend, paano ko malalaman na may unverified email subscribers? May notification ba un sayo? Wala me natatanggap ah. What to do? Dios me, this is so basic but I don't know about it.

  7. @Jan: siyempre dapat nakapost ung feedburner email subscription box mo sa blog mo... para ma-monitor mo ung email subscribers mo... wala ka nun... better ask for rocky's help on how to set it up!

  8. I see. Pang reader pa lang nga pala un nasa blog ko. Ahehehe. Thanks, bro. ",)

  9. @Jan: yes... unless you put that feedburner email subscription box on your blog, then that is the time you have to wait for email subscribers and manage them on feedburner's website!

  10. This is a nice advice. I have my FeedBurner for almost a month now and I see that my number of subscribers is not increasing so I think I really have to make an email campaign for it.

  11. @EdZee: hi there edzee.. i have checked your blog and it seems you really have to locate your email subscription box somewhere that it can be seen right away... the email subscription box at the upper right portion of your blog does not seem to attract email subscribers.... well... just my opinion... ideally, the email subscription box should be located right after the post where most readers can find it so easy! thanks for the comment! =D

  12. @may joycelle: hehehe... thanks for the comments and compliments! naku you have come to right place... lols! if I have time, I can help you with everything on your blog! but for now, im quite busy pa eh.. hehhhe... you have my word... i will help you! just ask my manager Jan geronimo for all the conditions... hehehe... 2nd ka sa pila.. i have previous commitment with @ryjr pa eh... hehehhe

  13. uyy..thanks so much ha! I'll inform your manager @Jan about my request hehehe.

    Yipee! just can't contain my excitement hehehe. =)

  14. I used to do the email thing using my blog platform's feature. On top of that, I have employed various social media marketing strategies. In one week's time (one week after my blog's birth) I was able to pull its readership on a significant scale. Now, my blog is already one month old (and a few days) but I still employ social media marketing techniques to attract readers. I am not a numbers person but I do appreciate if people are reading what I write. Established bloggers might find me pathetic by considering my blog an achievement. But for a one month old blog(ger), receiving more than a thousand page views on a daily basis is quite overwhelming. With the help of social media marketing, I was able to establish my blog's presence somehow online albeit much unfelt.

  15. @pinoygossipboy: that's it! social media networking sites really are big help in promoting blogs and increasing blog readership! thanks for giving one of your tips! you seem so professional despite the one month old blog... thanks for sharing!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this--- I could definitely use some help...

  17. @mommy dharlz: your very much welcome! glad i am a big help! :D thanks for dropping by!

  18. I don't have one on my blog. But I do read and leave comments on someone else' blog, hoping that they will do the favor in return.

  19. hmmm i have a new online tambayan. haha. your posts are really very insightful! i can actually try them with my own blog. thanks for sharing!


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