Thursday, January 17, 2008

The sad truth about writing and blogging

Blogging has done (and still doing) a tremendous effect in our world wide web today. Everyday, thousands, if not, millions of blogs are being set up by individuals around the world written in different languages.

If you are a reader of some professional blogs out there, you might have already read that blogging is for everybody and anyone who has an internet access and some brilliant ideas can actually setup a blog. However, despite the millions of registration to new blogs and websites to become aspiring bloggers, only a few number of people have stayed to become successful. What could be the root cause for this problem?

The answer. Blogging requires writing, for some, the problem starts here. Being a writer and being a blogger are two different things, but their way of communicating to their readers is the same in manner.

Even though the bloggers' (for some) perspective on blogging "is for everyone", the writers' ideology on writing "is not for everyone"! A lot of writers would agree on me that "writing is a talent" and not everyone has this talent. This statement is the sad truth about writing — like math, it's not also for everybody!

But of course, like any other talents out there — singing, dancing, drawing, etc. — writing can also be learned. How? Just keep on posted here in my blog, subscribe to my feeds or through email to find out more on this topic. For now, I will give you a hint. I am not a writer myself, I am just a believer of my writing crafts.

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  1. i actually believe every bit of what you said.

  2. @paolo: thanks! ^_^ i hope every aspiring bloggers out there could know or read this blog entry... hehehhe

  3. Completely agree with you yatot.

  4. I do hate going to sites and not finding the drop card button. It makes the process annoying! Nice blog ehre too!

  5. @pinoyunited: thanks for agreeing with me...

    @kaila's mommy: thanks for the compliment...

  6. Wah! :( kaya pala la nagbabasa ng site ko. :((

  7. @phaelun: hindi naman... try reaching out for other bloggers... it can help! hehehhe


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