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How to improve your writing/blogging skills?

In my previous talk, we have learned the sad truth about writing and blogging. We also learned that writing is a talent and not for everyone but can also be learned. Today, I will tell you some tips on how you can "learn" to write or to blog and how to improve your skills. The tips are based from my own experiences as a writer in a magazine and also as a blogger. After reading these tips, I hope that you are on your way to blog or write, effortlessly! Okay, without further ado, lets go on with the following tips:

How to improve your writing/blogging skills

• Read, read, and read more! Some writers and bloggers get their ideas from other writers and bloggers, too. A great story may sprung from a perhaps, a not-so widely read novel or a great blog entry that is really worth-reading and worthy of your time may also came from another blogger's written idea. It is not recycling ideas if you think it that way. It is improving your skills on how you can manipulate or rephrase the words that you have read.

Reading can also improve ones vocabulary, diction (if read aloud) and mind condition and skills. But of course, reading must be done in moderation because you don't want to become messed up with ideas and ended up writing or blogging NOTHING, do you?

• Start with a ballpen, it might work! Most writers and some bloggers start their writing/blogging activities with an ink or a working ballpen and a piece of paper. It's okay if you started writing scribbles on the piece of paper. It is a good start actually. It is an indication that you have written something because it only means that your ideas are just there, yet, you can't come up with sentences or even words. What do you think about this article? Do you think this is written with a pen and a piece of paper?

Scribbles may be represented by your ideas "just circling" around your mind or ideas are just there inside your mind, floating around waiting to be picked up. I recommend not to use a pencil because chances are, you might ended up sketching or drawing some things. Human instincts perhaps.

• Don't get intimidated. If you are still being haunted by the ghost of grammar and language proficiency and they are the ones that is holding you from writing/blogging, creatively, then it's time to let them go! Some people are so afraid to write or at least blog something because they get intimated with they're grammar and language skills, and oh yeah, spellings, but the truth is, they should not.

Language is not about spellings or grammar or subject-verb agreement. It is all about expressing yourself to others as they understand you even in simplest words! In fact, in my previous post about my supersecret blog, a comment from a certain FAQ Sheet wrote that I misspelled the word "summer sault" (correct spelling: somersault, and yeah, I have consulted Mr. Webster for the spelling!). He said that summer is still far (will not be available in three months time). If I am some kind of emo or spelling and grammar professor perhaps, I will become hurt with what this person has said.

Of course there are times that I also get conscious with my grammar and maybe some other people's grammar, but I am telling you it is normal! Karlo said that I am a grammar nazi, hahahhaa! Yes, maybe sometimes, but I really don't mind and I really don't care if you find some grammar problems or misspellings here in this article or any of the articles that I have previously written. I might consider changing it, but I won't tell you when! Hahahha!

In fact, to tell you the truth, there are a lot of blogs out there that have some grammar and misspelling problems in most of their blog entries, but they couldn't care less. The most important thing in this blogging world is that, your readers understand you with what your are wanted to tell them. Grammar is just a secondary concern.

• Practice makes perfect! Like what I have said before, I am not a writer myself, I am just a believer of my works because I practiced writing different stuffs years ago. I always love writing. But writing has no passion on me. I always got a very low grade during grade schools. I sometimes got frustrated. But I know, I really, really, really love to write. Maybe this is the reason why I landed on my most loved job ever!

I write articles in science most of the times, and occasional in social events. I also wrote children story articles that show values and stuffs, believe or not. Yeah, a lot of practice and patience too can help a lot in improving your writing skills.

When you practice writing, you make it a habit. A habit is like an everyday routine. A routine can go with your system, your system is your life! So, even though writing doesn't like you in any way, IT can't do anything if you really like to write! That makes some sense actually, isn't it?

So for those beginning bloggers or aspiring writers out there, just remember all the things listed above and don't be afraid to explore your boundaries beyond your writing skills. I am very much sure, you will succeed!

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  1. Going to agree with the pen and paper approach. Some of my best ideas for any sort of writing have come from simply writing in a notebook. Great tips on writing and on the whole I do agree. Writing is a skill that must be honed through diligence and practice.

  2. @roberto: thanks for agreeing with me... it's really hard sometimes to come up with ideas that's why i make sure i write them first on paper... thanks again for dropping by! ^_^

  3. i think im having the reading too much syndrome cause a good many of times my mind is has ideas on the side but nothing on the center.

  4. @phaelun: maybe you should minimize reading and focus more on writing... a once a week reading can do no harm...

  5. i like reading bitchy but subtle blogs because they affect readers a lot. it helps me with my own style of writing.

    i actually don't write my online blogs initially with pen and paper. diretso sa blog na. masarap pakinggan yung takatak ng keyboard kapag nag-iisip ako. hehe. i have a notebook for writing though.

  6. @jamie: i agree.. minsan nga din masarap pakinggan ung pagtype sa keyboard... lalo na ung mabilis... kasi it makes you feel na ang galing galing mong magtype.. speed typer thata is... hahahah... same feeling as you do... like bitchy blogs too! lalo na kapag galit ung nagsusulat... hahahha... keeps on coming back for more bitchy stories... maybe the sadist in me.. hahhaha.. thanks for visitng!

  7. nice tips. helpful indeed. now i know i'm not alone.

  8. @ip..same here, i really have a difficulty to start with ideas..and for me pen and paper first is an easy approach..

  9. @anonymous, 9:48PM: thanks for dropping by.. i really appreciate it!


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