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Blogging Tips for Beginners

Ms. Deborah Ng of cited eight helpful tips for individuals who are planning to have a blog or those individuals who already have blogs but don't know what to do with them. Hehehe. These tips also paved way to my blogging career (if there's any, hehehe), and made me one of the blogging enthusiasts in the world wide web (lolz!). The descriptions are from my own words and point of view!

Top 8 Tips for Beginning Bloggers

1) What is a blog? A blog, or weblog, is a collection of writings or journals and articles published online posted in up-to-date chronogical order. A blog enthusiast is called a blogger, or in simple words, a web publisher. Bloggers provide readers different information about anything a blogger may find interesting. They may also embrace a certain group of blogging community.

2.) Top reasons to start a blog. Why does an individual will going to start a blog? The answer, why not? You got something to say, you if know everything, if you are expert on different things like gadgets, multimedia equipment, cars, writings and others... why not start a blog and share your knowledge to millions of readers across the globe? And isn't it amazing that someone from out there, knows you, even if you used only pen names or blognames? It makes me proud as a blogger that as far as Africa, Canada, America and Europe, my blog is being read by certain individuals, and I think they are enjoying it! Hehehe. Aren't you proud of your blog?

3) Tips for choosing a topic. Breathe-in, breathe-out! Now, have you thought about it? There are a ot of topics to choose from and anything under the sun will do! But of course, there are certain topics that individuals find it more interesting to read. Topics such as food, gadgets, latest technology and entertainment are always on top of the line! So, what are you waiting for? Come on, let's blog!

4) Tips for choosing a blogname. When choosing a blogname, just remember K.I.S.S. or "keep it short, stupid!" Hehehe, actually, its "keep it short and simple!" You don't want your blog about latest technology and gadgetry would be like -->, do you?

5) What will you blog about today? There are plenty of ideas out there just swimming around our streams of consciousness (whew!). You just have to look better. If you are suffering from a blogger's mental block, try surfing and reading other blogs, you might find ideas there. And of course, don't forget to thank them after by posting the link in your entry of thanking them personally through their tagboard or comment page. Surfs up dude and write them up!

6) Writing for the web. Did you know that most readers scan rather than read? Writing on a blog is very much different in writing for a magazine. The longer the entry, the less interest it may become! I hope this entry will not lose interest to you! Hehehe. I just found out this is quite long already. (sigh) Anyway, do that in other blogs, hehehe, not in this blog... hehehe! Don't worry, just two more tips and we are done!

7) Tips for building traffic to your blog. Ok, now you have a blog, so what? How will people know your blog exists? Traffic, in blogger's term, is the number of visitors your blog is acquiring every hour or everyday! In able to have traffic, visit other blogs and leave some traces there such as a link on the comment page with your name on it and blog address, or leave a message on the tagboard, perhaps, of course with your link as well. Or you can bestfriend (this is a verb, hahaha) some other websites just what I have told in a previous section. Go on and leave some marks behind!

8) Tips for earning money through blogging. Finally, we have come to the final tip! Now, this is the next level of blogging. If you want to earn something from blogging, learn also to bestfriend google adsense, and other advertisement websites. Just remember their terms and conditions so that you will not commit a mistake that will disqualify you from getting in from their program. Just remember also also, traffic is profit! More traffic means bigger profit! This is so complicated at first, but once you're in the program, as they say, the rest is history! Whew!

So, what are you waiting for, join the blog bandwagon, now and discover the different excitement blogging can you! Enjoy blogging

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  1. thanks for this post. i can't say i'm new to blogging, nor am i an experienced one, but sometimes looking back to the basics gets me back on track, to what i really want to do with my blog.

    thanks for commenting on my site, too. love the link, i've already subscribed to it.


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