Friday, June 29, 2007

Going Back to the Basics of Blogging

Everytime I meet old friends from high school or college and former colleagues from my previous work, I always ask them if they have a blog. Some of them replied "yes", but most of them said, "err... no!", or "what?". From them, some only read blogs, a few might want to have one or at least attempted to have one but find no time to blog, and the rest, the uh-oh... no idea at all!

I find it difficult to understand why there are still people who do not know what a blog is specially when blogging is at its peak! That is why I decided to dedicate this entry to those people who still need to have a proper introduction to blogging before you read my tips for beginning bloggers and before you enjoy the joys of blogging. This is like going back to the basics of blogging. Going back to square one. Hehehe. But really, what actually is blogging?

What is blogging?
To know blogging or at least have the idea what blogging is all about, we must first define what is the meaning of its root word — blog. A blog, is simply an online personal space (much like of an online diary) where entries are written in either reversed or chronological order. A typical blog contains of texts, images and links to other blogs and websites. Most blogs are primarily textual and personal, though there are some that focuses on different genrés such as arts, photos, technologies, news and entertainment, music, food, social events, fashion and even videos.

The history of blogging (the verb form of blog) evolved from the existence of online diaries which began in the year 1995. From then on, as they say, "the rest is history"!

What's the difference?
Blogs and online diaries are very much different from ordinary diaries — the one which you always keep from everybody and forgot after so many years and later found out in your grandma's attic! While an ordinary diary is written on any notebook or pad paper, or at least on a scented stationery pad, a blog or online diary on the other hand is written on a blog hosting website, which makes it "online"!

There are a lot of blog hosting websites available such as wordpress, livejournal and blogger (which by the way the blog host of this blog, hehehe) just to name a few. Each blog hosting websites has their own features and capabilities which I will discuss in later entries.

Blogging is very young as compared to the birth of internet. It is also relatively new in the Philippines than in other countries. We can make this blogging community boom in the Philippines. Why don't you start blogging, today?

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  1. Ayus ah...very took me a long time to figure out what is da meaning of a blog...(before I got hooked to blogging) hehehe

  2. hehehe... well... what can i say... congrats and keep on blogging!

  3. yeah..i just started blogging just a week's my first time to write a blog...nangangapa pa ko sa mga pasisikot-sikot sa blogging...hehe..

  4. @ais: hehhehe.. ok lng... you'll get used to it! ayt! ;)


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