Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blogging Problems

I really wanted to blog tonight in all of my six blogs, but as I slowly press every keys in my very old IBM ThinkPad Laptop, I encountered several problems that hinder my blogging activity. I wanted to finish all of my delays in blogging so that I can already start promoting my three new blogs. Argh... if you are curious about these blogging problems that I am encountering right now, please click on to read! :)

Problems that a blogger might encounter when blogging:

* Slow internet connection. I usually blog in our office during free time or when I wanted to because I like the internet connection in our office. It is so fast I can even download files in a jiffy (hehehe). The high-speed broadband connection in the office lets me blog without hassle because of the superfast connection! I remember there was a time that my connection reached some 927 kbps! That was really fast as compared to my internet connection here at home which is about 48 kbps... what the heck, right? I really miss the office when weekends come!

* Bugs. Here's come another problem that a blogger might encounter when trying to blog. Windows are just popping up everywhere! Yes, aside from the slow internet connection, bugs or some sort of computer viruses are also considered a problem in blogging. Here in our house, I use Windows XP... yes, in my very old IBM ThinkPad! Just think of their combination right? Not only that, my blog's layout is really a mess on Internet Explorer even on higher versions of it! I can't download for a firefox because downloading such requires higher internet connection, and I think, this laptop cannot do that job properly! And oh yeah... there are also bugs here in the laptop that makes processing of everything really slow... and oh.. there goes another bug... I think it's a cockroach!

* Unfamiliarity. I already said that I blog in our office, but did you know what kind of operating system or computer we are using there? In the office, we use MAC as our everyday companion. I have a PowerMac G4 sitted on my sidetable. Haven't you noticed the bullets are kind of weird? Because I am not familiar with the shortcut commands in PC anymore! Waaaahhh.. pathetic me! Just look how awful those asterisks that served as bullets in this blog entry! I usually used bullets not asterisks! Argh... Okay too shallow! Hahaha!

* Environmental Noises. I know what you're thinking... I am not schizophrenic or something... Hahaha.. Definitely, I am not hearing voices! NO! NEVER! Admit or not... noises in our surroundings make us bloggers and writers as well, lost for words! I am the kind of writer/blogger that cannot write or do anything when there are noises everywhere... Barking dogs, cats doing their "thing" on the rooftop, the tricycle's trembling noise that keeps on passing in your neighborhood - these are just some of the noises that makes us blogger not to blog! Now, that's a dilemma really!

* The Writer's Block. This is the worst nightmare of a blogger and even a writer - being unable to write something because of mental blockness! The writer's block is not really problem if you would ask me, because you can write or blog anything you want if you are that serious in having a post on your blog. All you have to do is to be creative so that anyone who visits your blog can still appreciate what you have written. I will discuss everything I know on how to prevent the writer's block very soon, so better stick around for that one or subscribe to my feeds below for updates on this one!

So there! I'm sleepy... it's 1 AM alrealdy... it's been an hour of typing an entry... oh... come to think of it.. another blogging problem! Sleepiness... zZzZzZzZzZz...

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  1. many problems @_@~

    tip: if u have an idea in mind to blog but hate the slow internet (btw we have like 4MBps here, so if u wanna move here someday...wahehe jk~), type it in on wordpad, notepad or whatever and get back to it later on.

    and yeah, after learning the nitty-gritty of XHTML for 4 months...there's one conclusion i can say--IE sucks..and it's losing ground, so ur not alone on that lol~

    noise-making dogs and cats should be ur inspiration lol~ xd

  2. ampotres anim na blogs?! ... hmmm kung tutuusin halos ganyan din kadami ang sinusulatan ko e. blog ko, livejournal, multiply, isa pang multiply account, mayroon ako sa myspace pero di gaanong active, may 2 pa ako sa blogger... nakakadrain.. pero i guess we just need to find a good inspiration para talaga tuloy-tuloy. marami tayong masusulat, hindi lang siguro tayo naghahanap nang maigi. hehe :P

  3. @saturn: amf... i want to go in canada to expeience 4 Mbps! the highest in the philippines is only 3 Mbps! i can blog 24/7 with that speed! amf amf amf... i heard Japan has already 10 Mbps, is this true?

    @jamie: uhm... yah... i got 4 blogspot yata... one wordpress and a multiply account... plus ung iba pa like friendster, but i dont blog there, facebook,, and several other accounts... may digg pa pala ako... argh.. dami n pala...

  4. yeah, i think it's way faster than that..remembered reading somewhere on that they've launched a satellite what will amp up japan and east asia's internet speed in a few months/yrs... ^^;

  5. @saturn: i hope it's sooner... and i hope kasama ang southeast asia... hindi lang ang east asia... amf!


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