Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Experience Japanese Dining at Atsu-Atsu Ramen

It's been months since I last posted anything here on this blog because I became preoccupied with work and several things that I have to attend to. Anyway, I'm back at blogging and here I am posting my experience eating at a Japanese restaurant near our place of work. In the coming days, expect some several updates now on this blog, because yeah... my schedules at work are somehow not that tight anymore. So, here's my experience eating at Atsu-Atsu Ramen Japanese Restaurant.

Three months ago, my officemates and I ate in this newly constructed Japanese restaurant nearby. I cannot say they serve authentic Japanese cuisines and ramen because I haven't been to a real Japanese restaurant before, but all I can say is that I enjoyed eating at Atsu-Atsu Ramen.


When you enter the restaurant, the cool, Japanese-feel ambiance will set your mood; giving you that real Japanese-eating pleasure. The interior of the restaurant has this Japanese feel and look, even the waitresses wear kimonos. The kitchen is an open-type kitchen (with glass) so that customers can see what's cooking. And oh, the cooks looks like real Japanese cooks, too!

The Food

Seafood Ramen

Since Atsu-Atsu Ramen House/Restaurant is a restaurant that specializes ramen, we ordered their house specialty — ramen! The big bowl of Japanese ramen is truly satisfying and fulfilling to eat and taste. Simply put into words... i love it! I ordered that seafood thingie ramen, the big bowl... and I finished that on my own! Hahaha...


When we went there to eat, my two of my officemates shared to the big bowl of ramen. Yes. The servings of ramen are really big! Trust me. Anyway, the ramen was delicious! The soup, the condiments, the ingredients... you'll find the inner nirvana as you eat! That's how I describe it. There is also the stir-fried noodles called yakisoba. Kinda oily but tasty, too! Japanese are really well-known for that umami taste. They do it very well.

House specialty Atsuban comes free with a coupon.

But of course, the descriptions above are my personal opinion. I know and trust my sense of taste. You better try their food to know what I mean.

Atsu-Atsu Ramen Restaurant is located along G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City, beside Petron Station. Unfortunately, the restaurant has already closed down due to Typhoon Ondoy incident.


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