Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tale of Judaism in the Philippines!

It was Thursday, April 16, when my friend and former officemate celebrated her 26th birthday, her last birthday as a single person, yeah she's going to be married in a few days time... when I finally met my calling. I know it was so revealing of me, I cannot commit myself to anyone, I am so loyal with my "chosen religion".

It was an emotion I cannot argue with myself. I must admit. I am one of those people who shows so much emotions whenever their "chosen religion" was being mentioned, brought to a pedestal or perhaps agitated with so much criticisms that you can or cannot imagine. I know. I am one of them. I mean who else can you blame?

Judaism in the Philippines is not really new, in fact, it has been living for quite some time now, giving believers their worthy cause. Some of them worship, others devout, while some people give their time and dedication on this. It's like people waiting in line, just to believe, screaming just to satisfy their curiosity and up to the point of fainting just to be recognized as a true blue believer... But I am not talking about Jews here, I am talking about the great lady actress herself... Ms. Judy Ann Santos.

A fan... no, a believer, yes! Judy Ann Santos or Juday or Judai is one great actress! Whoever will say negative comments here will be persecuted, accordingly! Waheehehehe... Who could not forget Mara Clara in the early 90's and the many movies, commercial endorsements and TV guestings she had made? And yes... the proposal of husband to be, Ryan Agoncillo. Aaaaawww...

As I said, don't you dare call me a fan... I am not... call me a believer! *raising both hands in the air while saying this line* And so the name Judaism or Judaismo in Filipino was originated. Now... who would have thought of that? Hahaha!

And now, for those who believe in her greatness, Ms. Judy Ann Santos... I ask of you... please... join us in our quest by spreading the word of Judaism in the Philippines! Haaaammmm... Haaaaaammmm....

Me and my officemate friend hailing to the great Judy Ann Santos as she was pictured in Bacolod Chicken Inasal ads in Trinoma. The famous hand hailing is also featured. Haaaammmm... Haaaaammm...

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  1. HAAAUUMMM.... HAUMMMMMM! I readily accepted Judai as my personal savior! There is none like her! As for me and my house, we're going to serve Judai! HAAAUUMMM... HAUMMMM!

  2. @NuttyBoy: your personal savior indeed! haaaauummmm... put judai in every household and you will be saved! haaaauummmm... spread the word co-judaism member... maybe we could get a term for us member rather than saying co-judaism member... what do you think...? haaaaammmm....

  3. Looks like card carrying members of Judaism have spiffy uniforms huh? Hmmmn...interesting. Not too shabby, I see.

    Yun lang - I might get persecuted here, mahirap na. ",)

  4. @jan: hhhahahha... nagkataon lng naka-uniform ako! lols! yah... tama yan... dont be too harsh on the comments... :D

  5. Thinking out loud: What if I speak harshly of Judaism on behalf of some other religion, sumikat kaya ako?

    Sorry, tagal kasi maluto ng ulam for dinner. I'm famished na and just rambling on.

    On second thought, wag na lang, baka madefaced pa blog ko. Mahirap na. wahahaha

  6. Ooooh, I get it now. At the beginning I really thought it is Judaism then I realize that it is Judaism. (of a different kind) Nice fun post. Is that a sacrificial chicken?

  7. @jan: you cant talk rude to her greatness! it's forbidden!

    @lucrecio: hahahha... thanks for the compliment... wanna join us? nyahahahhha! yeah... i think that chicken inasal is the sacrifical lamb! hahaha

  8. Do you have a way of knowing if chicken inasal lang ang target ng would-be convert sa judaism? Di ko napansin may chicken inasal pala involved. Di ko naamoy yun ah, meron pala noon.

  9. @jan: oh yes.. we have this some kind of sorting hat thingie that will separate people from being a good follower to a person with such personal motive/s... it's like we update ourselves with the latest technology...!

  10. i should have posted this comment
    many days ago and for sure the pun has lost its taste already. now i know that you are a hard-core juday fan, i would not wonder, juday is now very hot...shhh...

    right ryan? ehehe LOL

  11. @elmot: wahehhhe.. congrats at nakapag-comment ka na din sa wakas! hahahhaha

  12. Hail to the queen! I'll wash her feet and wipe them dry with my hair. I'll blow the shofar to signal her coming. I'll stop eating kosher today just to celebrate her wedding!

  13. @anonymous: oh i love you! hahahhaha... her greatness, Judai will give you something in return... in a form of a teleserye! =D and i love your comment, too! hahahha! hail to coming of the queen! haaaauummm...


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