Friday, April 17, 2009

It's freaking hot in the Philippines!

And I'm in heat! (And no.. it's not something sexual!)

It's been more than two weeks already when I finally feel the scorching hotness of summer 2009, and the heat seems really pissing me off! I mean... it's soooo freaking hot I am very hesitant to move or work or even do chores at home because I would only produce five gallons of sticky perspiration. Who would want to experience that.. literally?

Time has really changed the earth... the summer atmosphere ten years ago was sooo freaking different than today... I remember I only experienced this kind of hotness in the atmosphere's temperature when I went to Ilocos Region last year. The scorching summer heat there was really something, no wonder they have sand dunes there!

Back in Manila, the temperature is ranging from 32-35 degrees Celcius! I think there was a time within a span of two weeks that the temperature went to a 37 degrees Celsius! Now that's freaking hot! I can't freak more because I might get sticky sweat!

Last Holy Week, a vacation time in the Philippines was really a sacrifice for us who stayed at home for four long days of no work. Our bungalow house experienced a really hot temperature... I actually thought I would die of dehydration. Luckily, water is actually my best friend when it comes to drinks! I just stuff myself with much water to replenish me and quench my thirst!

The two exhaust fans were running like crazy to release the heat from the inside of the house, three electric fans were also making us cool, and drinking cold water with ice (which makes the coldness redundant) were not cool enough to... well... cool us! That's how freaking hot the atmosphere was and is!

I think this hot weather temperature in Metro Manila has something to do with humidity. If you look in the sky, you would know that it's going to rain because of the dark thick clouds forming... but the thing is, the rain will not fall... (and the saddest part of it is) anytime! Mr. Webster has defined humidity as the wetness in the atmosphere — the thing that makes us feel the sticky sweat! Again, may I add... who wants to get a sticky sweat? Who?

It's been more than two weeks now and yet the scorching summer heat does not bring any rain in our place (I live north of metro manila)... I have receiving reports that there was precipitation in Makati and some other parts in the Philippines but in our place, there was none.

I never experienced taking a bath three times a day! This has happened to me last Holy Week vacation. I took a bath in the morning to refresh my body from last night's sleep, which by the way was so freakingly irritating because it was and is still hot. I also took baths during the afternoons and of course before I go to sleep. Now that the office work has finally resumed, I only now take two baths a day! That's two baths a day — before going at work and before going to sleep — because it soooo freakingly hot!

I wish it would rain this time or maybe later at night and tomorrow for the weekends to replenish the dried soil and plants and to become cooler when we go to sleep... haaayyss *sigh* can you actually count how many times I wrote the word "freaking"? I rest my case! Just ranting...

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  1. this is probably the most hottest summer i've ever experienced. experts say it will reach 37-38. kahit mrami ka pa electric fan na nkatapat sa'yo wa epek. ehehehe.

    kahit pa nung nsa romblon province ako grabe din ang init. kung uulan man sana buong maghapon kasi kung sandali lng it will worsen the heat. mag cloud seeding kaya tayo? ehehehe.

  2. @JP: you said it! grabe talaga ang init ngaun! and to think... and to think the philippines is only contributing a little percentage to global warming as compared to other industrialized countries like japan and usa... waaaaahhh... we dont deserve this heat!

  3. I don't mind the heat just as long as there's electricity for electric fans, ref, and desktop pc.

    One rule though: Walang tatabi sa akin pagtulog. Pag may tumabi sisipain ko. Sinabi ng mainit eh, ano ba.


  4. @jan: yah... mas mainit nga kung may katabi... ako nga katabi ko na ung kuya ko... may kulambo pa kami! mas mainit un! waaaa

  5. Yikes. Sabihin mo sa sala na lang sya matulog. Ano ba yan, takot sa mumu? lol

  6. @ yatot: I hate kulambo! ang init non! galing kami baguio lat week tapos pagbalik dito sa Bataan, lalo kong naramdaman ang init! Di na nga gumagana yung anti-perspirant ko! LOL. by the way, thanks for the link!

  7. @susay: i hate din kulambo... pero what can i do... minsan naubusan kami ng baygon... so ayun, kulambo n lng talaga... waaaa..

  8. Buti na lang may tail-end cold front ngayon kaya maulan. Kahit pano e naibsan ang init nitong huling mga araw. Kaya lang hirap maglaba.. :lol:


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