Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Cooking Experience: Homemade Pinoy Recipes

Cooking. Who loves to cook? For me, cooking and preparing dishes and other foods are a remedy. Whenever I get stressed from work, there are three choices I would certainly make -- eat, sleep, or cook. Sometimes, I choose the first one, but most of the time, I choose the third. Surprisingly, I seldom choose the second one. I feel more tired whenever I choose to sleep my way to remove stress from my body. If there are ingredients available, I will definitely cook on something, experiment on different foods that will satisfy my cravings, and perhaps, might as well eat them!

I love preparing food for myself, for my family, and for other people as well. It's like a face mole that whenever someone sees it, they'll remember you, but this time, it's the taste that counts. If you asks me what's the best part of homemade cooking? I will most certainly answer three things for sure: 1) you know what you are putting in your food, 2) you know it's clean and fresh, and 3) you know it's safe to eat because you are the one who prepared the food!

Cooking for me is a therapy. I see to it that whenever I have a chance to spend time at home on weekends, I volunteer myself to cook for the family's dishes. It's fun to cook, it's very relaxing, and most of all, it makes me happy. It's my super ego-booster, my self-esteem maker, and my stress-reliever as well. As a matter of fact, in my seven years of blogging here on this blogsite and to my other website too, I have written several recipes that not just mine to keep, but for everybody to know and share a like.

The homemade recipes that I made over the years are time tested as well. Meaning, some of the recipes that I posted here and in my other blog are well-kept family secret recipes that I have already shared in the world wide web. Yes! The secrets of the family have finally been out for a quite a number of years now! As a matter of fact, some of the recipes are well-loved and approved by my blog readers and visitors. Below are the recipes that I made over the years:

1) Featured Recipe: Choco Coffee Milkshake!
2) Featured Recipe: Pork Sinigang!
3) Featured Recipe: Instant Pancit Canton with a twist!
4) Featured Recipe: Homemade Style Sandwich Spread!
5) Featured Recipe: Filipino-Style (Pinoy) Beef Steak!
6) Featured Recipe: Tinolang Manok!
7) Featured Recipe: Beef and Mushroom!
8) Featured Recipe: Chicken Sopas
9) Featured recipe: Chicken Sarciado / Chicken Afritada
10) (Pinoy Recipe) Homemade Cheese Pimiento
11) (Pinoy Recipe) Mixed Seafood in Creamy Mushroom Sauce
12) (Pinoy Recipe) Beef Caldereta

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