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(Pinoy Recipe) Homemade Cheese Pimiento

le cheese pimiento in small containers
I am celebrating my seven years of working in the company that I am connected with right now. And because of this, I plan to have a cheese pimiento room party! I am quite proud of this cheese pimiento recipe because this Pinoy recipe of cheese pimiento has been around in our family for many generations already! Okay, I'm just kidding with the "many generations" thingie, but still, this cheese pimiento recipe is just one of the many family kept secret recipes that I am willing to share to everybody who is reading this blog. I am so confident with this recipe, everyone who will try this will be happy and will repeat this cheese pimiento recipe over and over again.

I really don't know what to share to people in my seven years of working, so, I decided to make a homemade cheese pimiento spread for our room party brunch snack. I remember buying tubs of ice cream on my fifth year anniversary, but that's just it. No personal touch. This time, it is a labor of love. Hahaha!

This cheese pimiento recipe contains just five ingredients that are easy to find. It is also so easy to prepare, it will only takes you at least 30 minutes of preparation. What I did in here is for 10 serving containers of cheese pimiento. However, I will make it easier and bring down all the ingredients' measurement to fit for a small serving size. Perfect for a whole group of 12 to 15 people.

Anyway, are you excited to know my family's kept secret cheese pimiento Pinoy recipe? Okay without further ado, below is the cheese pimiento recipe you are all been waiting for! Happy spreading!

Homemade Pinoy Cheese Pimiento Recipe


1 bar (or cup) of cheese (Eden cheese or Ques-O)
1 bar (or cup) of butter (Dari Creme Buttermilk or Magnolia Buttercup)
half small can of Alaska condensed milk (yellow label)
1 small pouch of Ram's diced or sliced pimiento
1 tablespoon of McCormick dried parsley

1. Drain the diced or sliced pimiento from the pouch to remove the excess water. The packed pimiento usually comes in salt water. Draining it will prevent the pimiento spread to become watery.

2. Slice the butter into small cubes and put it in a big mixing bowl.

3. After draining the pimiento, put it into the mixing bowl on top of the butter. Just let it sit there. It will help softens the butter.

4. Get the cheese and finely grate it. Put it on top of the mixing bowl.

5. Put a spoonful of dried parsley. Again, put it on top of the mixture. Open the small can of condensed milk and pour in half of the contents. (I did not put the photo of condensed milk on top of the mixture because it looks so wrong... Hahaha! Anyway.. continue!)

6. After putting all of the ingredients into the mixing bowl, mix everything carefully and thoroughly until the butter has been melted and the ingredients are mixed altogether. Mix in one direction only for about five minutes or more.

7. Get some clean containers and carefully put the cheese pimiento mixture into them. If you are trying to sell the cheese pimiento, make sure you measure it by using a kitchen weighing scale. The cheese pimiento in this container is measured at 150 grams each. I made about ten of it, but only five will be available for purchase. Hahaha! The rest, we will eat and the other rest, have already been eaten!

This cheese pimiento is best eaten with a toasted bread or hot pandesal. Spread generously. Eat slowly. And savor every moment and taste! Hahaha! Now that the secret has been revealed, it's time for you to kick some ass and prepare this Pinoy cheese pimiento recipe with flying colors! Enjoy!


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