Sunday, March 3, 2013

Job Interviews' Do's and Don'ts

Almost seven years ago, I had my final interview to the company that I am working with right now. As long as I can remember, I did a great job on that interview because I got the job and seven "bragging rights" years later, I am still working for them. I remember doing certain things that may have been pleased my interviewer that day, which landed me the job I am right now. After all, job interviews are always about selling yourself and presenting yourself to the company of your interest.

In connection with this, I found a very helpful video on youtube which tackles the Do's and Don'ts on Job Interviews. You may use the tips below and land for the job that you are aiming for! Below is the said video:

Meanwhile, the job postings that are available this week includes a job on a fashion distributor outlet, a job on a self-publishing company, and some jobs at a college institute. See jobs below:

* Branded Lifestyle, Inc. needs PR and Events Assistant Marketing Manager
* Xlibris Philippines needs Production Supervisor
* STI College Caloocan Job Postings


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