Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Ultimate Chicken Meals Experience Part 1

Chicken, pasta, and pizza meal from Chef Donatello

I have a confession to make... I love chicken! Fried chicken, chicken with soup, steamed chicken in oriental sauce, chicken teriyaki, etc... How ever it is cooked, as long as it is chicken, I would love to eat that! I mean, who does not want chicken? It's healthier than red meat, it has lesser chance of being contaminated with E. coli and salmonella, it's tastier than fish meats, and it's the only meat that you can be sure of that looks like a chicken from a real chicken animal (some meats may look like beef but actually it's not, perhaps lamb... maybe...)! And oh, you can easily spot the difference among chicken meat, dove meat, turkey, or even duck meat, so, that's really a safe haven!

When it comes to eating meat, I also eat fish, pork, and beef. But among the meats out there, chicken is my top choice! Aside from the nutritional values we can get from chicken meats, chicken are also easy to cook and easy to prepare as a succulent feast meal or just plain old steamed. In no time, you can have a chicken parmigiana, spicy chicken wings, or even the famous Pinoy recipes, sarciadong manok (chicken in tomato sauce) and tinolang manok (chicken soup cooked with ginger and papaya) as well.

If I have a chance to dine out with friends, I always thought of eating chicken. If the budget is right, then a chicken meal is a go! Ain't that addictive? Hahaha! (sips wine...) For whatever restaurants or fast food chains my friends and I would dine to or even have a quick afternoon snack, a delicious chicken meal will always be satisfying and fulfilling. As a matter of fact, I have collected some of the chicken meals I already ate in the past as a memorabilia to my ultimate chicken meal experience! This is part 1 of the said chicken experience! Hahaha! (eats cottage cheese and sips wine...) And I am planning to have at least two more parts because the photos of different chicken meals are not enough in just one blog post entry! Hahaha! (pours wine... empties bottle...)

So, here is part 1 of my ultimate chicken experience for my chicken meals collection! Feast your eyes on the delicious chicken meals that I had eaten and this is going to be one food porn delight! Enjoy!

The Chicken Meals in Order of Appearance:

1) Chef Donatello Chicken and Pasta Meal
2) Chayote and Chicken Flambé
3) Chicken Fillet Meal at Chef d' Angelo
4) Chicken Guisantes
5) Chic-Boy Chicken Teriyari
6) Chicken Steak from Golden Fortune
7) Chicken Parmigiana from Gumbo
8) Chicken Chef Bowls from Chowking
9) Chicken Honey Garlic Chicken from Chowking
10) Sizzling Chicken with Rice from Balsa sa Niugan
11) Chicken Afforda-Meal from Chic-Boy
12) Buttered Chicken from Country Chicken
13) Chicken Lollipops with Pasta and Sandwich from "Chronicle" Premiere Night

I promise you the photos in my ultimate chicken meal experience part 2 will be truly more delicious and more satisfying for your eyes to see! Until then! Happy chicken eating! So, do you have a favorite among the photos above? Kindly share your thoughts!


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