Friday, June 27, 2008

Featured Recipe: Homemade Style Sandwich Spread!

It is always a burden for me whenever I found myself hungry and there is no food in the refrigerator or even in the bread container. That is why my only solution is to make something that I can eat out from the different fresh ingredients that is readily available anywhere. One of the solutions that I can think of is to make a homemade style sandwich spread!

Sandwich spreads in the supermarkets are very expensive maybe because of its glass container. Aside from that, manufacturers of these sandwich spreads promised you that their spreads were made from real choice ingredients. My principle regarding this is, if I did not make it, then it's not real! You don't exactly know what is included in their sandwich spread ingredients. And I am very sure that a lot of people will agree on me with this.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I presented to you a sandwich spread ingredient recipe that I make and is so easy to do! If you know how to cook an instant noodles, I guess you can make your own homemade style sandwich spread. Hehehe. Always remember that real is better! Enjoy making your sandwich spread and don't forget to spread the word!


3-4 pieces of ready-to-cook sweet ham
100 g pickle relish, juice squeezed
250 g mayonnaise
1 small-sized onion, minced
ground pepper
iodized salt
1 tbsp cooking oil

How to Cook:

1) Cut the ham into very small square pieces (chopped). Fry them on a pan until cook or until they reached the desired colored (usually brown and crunchy or plain and soft color) is acquired. Drain, set aside and let it cool for a while.

2) Squeezed-out the juice of pickle relish using a strainer. Do not wash the pickle relish. Be sure to have a clean hands before squeezing out the juices or at least have a food glove or plastic sheet in your hands before squeezing the pickles. Squeezing the juices will eliminate the sour taste of pickle relish.

3) In a small container or mixing bowl, add in the minced onion, the squeezed pickle relish, a dash of pepper, a pinch of iodized salt, 1 tsp of sugar, mayonnaise and the cooked chopped ham. Mix the ingredients very well. Now you have a homemade ham spread.

Now some notes here... if you think the ingredients are too much, you can always add some more mayonnaise. In this way, you are adding up the volume of your ham spread that will last for days! You can also change the ingredient "ham" into something more tasteful such as boiled chicken (stripped, fried a little) for chicken sandwich spread, or tuna (in can, fried dried in its own oil) or maybe bacon (chopped and fried) whichever your tastebuds prefer.

:: You can serve your sandwich immediately or refrigerate it first before consumption. Serving with toasted bread with lettuce and tomatoes is the best way to enjoy a sandwich. Always remember to keep refrigerate your sandwich spread and use clean spoon when spreading to avoid immediate spoilage. Enjoy eating!

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