Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wishlist: How to take advantage your friends and officemates?

Wow, it's like more than a week now since I last posted something here on my blog... Kinda busy right now because of publication deadline due to the most anticipated Christmas Holiday Season longest vacation ever... (But don't worry, there will be some posts coming even if I am not present in front of my computer, me hopes, hehhehe) Hehehe... We are currently doing things ahead of schedule so that the coming year will be an easy start. Isn't that a nice idea, huh? :D

Anyway, our company is going to have a company-wide Christmas Party in a few days. But before that, our department will have a Christmas Dinner Party in an eat-all-you-can restaurant nearby. Woohoo... can't wait for Monday! Yebba!

By the way, this Christmas Dinner Party that our department will be having to is composed of exchanging of gifts activity, or simply exchange gift. But here's the catch, everyone in our department is required to write his/her Christmas wishlist!

Since I am in need of a new pillow for my bedroom, I wrote "pillows", as my wishlist, specifically, the one from Heavenly Pillows or that one from Forty Winks! Hahaha... and nothing more! This will allow myself to receive pillows from anyone who had picked my name. And this will force my monito/monita (the one who had picked my name) to only buy me pillows... and nothing more... since I badly needed one or two for my bed. Lols! :D

But it's not only me who had their fair share of Christmas wishlist! Below are some of the wishlists that my officemates wrote (in no particular order, lols):

• anything mickey mouse stuffs (for his/her collections)
• jacket or long sleeve shirt (he/she will be going to the US, you know for winter!)
Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (a Grisham novels fanatic!)
• any children's TV show, original DVD or VCD (for his soon-to-be-coming out son!)
card reader (he/she is a aspiring photographer)
USB flash card (for personal use)
• a backpack bag with a lot of pockets (he/she is a biker who needs a lot of space for his biking gears)
iPOD shuffle earphones, original (I think his/her earphones was broken)
G.I. Joe action figures (for personal collection)
Hello Kitty umbrella (cutesy umbrella)
Grey's Anatomy DVD (series marathon during the Christmas break)
After Dark by Murakami Haruki (hard-to-find novel, amf)
• throw pillows with gray cover (for his/her living room)
TechDeck Fingerboard (a soon-to-be new hobby of his/her)
• Japanese Magazines (he/she just loves anything that tackles J-pop culture!)

See how you can be advantageous of your friends and officemates when Christmas time is coming! Hahahaha... You can actually receive specific gifts without even spending an extra for your own! And oh, by the way, our exchange gifts starts at P300! So, what are you waiting for? Engage yourself in an exchange gift-giving activity and start receiving specific gifts for yourself! You can save more money and effort of thinking other gifts because you only focus on one specific person. Practicality is the keyword these days, you know!

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  1. We don't have wishlists in our company. Ang gusto nila, yung hindi mo kilala ang nabunot mo.

    Gumawa kami ng codenames tapos yun ang bubunutin.

    Hirap nun di ba?

  2. @ritchie: ganun din kami dun sa last kong work... hahhaha... yah.. mahirap nga yun! kasi hndi mo alam kung ano talaga ung gusto nung taong hindi mo kilala dahil codenames pa ung gamit nya... hahahha... naranasan ko din yan! hahahha :D


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